` Wasteland 3 release date, review, gameplay, trailer, price, pre order, PS4, PC, Steam

Wasteland 3 release date, review, gameplay, trailer, price, pre order, PS4, PC, Steam

Wasteland 3 release date, review, gameplay, trailer, price, pre order, PS4, PC, Steam

Wasteland 3 Release Date

Wasteland 3 is an RPG game developed and published by inXile Entertainment, will be released for PC, PS4 on May 19. 2020.

Wasteland 3 Platforms

PC, Playstation 4, Xbox

Wasteland 3 Genre

Role Playing Game (RPG)

Wasteland 3 Trailer

Trials of Mana Review

Wasteland 3 is a game generating an insane amount of hype so today we're gonna talk about things that we know so far and some things that we are really really hoping for.

First thing we know is that it's being made by in exile starting things off it may be obvious to fans of the series that the sequel is being produced by the same studio that helmed the previous game.

But as popular as the game was I'm going to assume that for a large portion of you this will be your first interaction with the wasteland series regardless this is fantastic news and brings about great hope for the newest addition.

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Wasteland 3 release date, review, gameplay, trailer, price, pre order, PS4, PC, Steam

The reason being is in exile has been fully committed to this title since it was announced via a crowdfunding campaign in 2016 which made upward of three million dollars clearly the hype was there.

And if this massive injection of cash into the project as well as the company's publicity hasn't awakened people's spirits then Microsoft's acquisition of the company in 2018 certainly should have in fact it was this breath of life which promoted the studio to announce a 2019 release.

Which was subsequently pushed back to may 19 of 2020 the reason being that craft takes time I can't even remember a rockstar game that hasn't been pushed back by a number of months 2019 may have been ambitious and the studio has even said that 2020 is as well.

It was only the massive amount of staffing offered by Microsoft's powerhouse that has allowed the quick release next it's only for Xbox.

While the name dropping of Microsoft might bring impossible despair to PlayStation players in certain dread to you PC players out there relax you have nothing to the game's official page has the game slated for Xbox one ps4 and PC through Steam this comes as a major relief considering.

The heavy competition between the platforms well between the consoles at least sadly the Nintendo fan club is out of luck as there's been no comment on a switch port though paradoxically as more and more powerful games are released it becomes more and more.

Unlikely that the switch can run them anyways maybe this along with cross-platform gaming so suave nowadays indicates a shift in how we will play don't get too excited though cross platform multiplayer is not something currently on the cards for Wasteland 3.

Although this takes us to our next point which is multiplayer that dopamine including word causes any gamer to celebrate.

So we have multiplayer what form will it take exactly the fun thing that caught attention when the latest modern warfare was released was the reintroduction of class cooperative mode in which players can team up to take on special missions.

So how is this gonna work with the newest wasteland game the game has the choice of completing the campaign solo or with a friend this expands not only to have 2 players navigating a linear story but also allows for the inclusion of other Story possibilities introduced quick sidenote.

Wasteland 3 Gameplay

Early gameplay reviews have suggested that certain missions would only unlock with cooperative mode and others would be closed off without the benefit of this is that one player can be online.

And affect the environment through a decision to say form an alliance and then another player can come online and inadvertently destroy that Alliance the beauty in this truly dynamic world is that it holds the players accountable for themselves.

Wasteland 3 release date, review, gameplay, trailer, price, pre order, PS4, PC, Steam

And each other you can team up to become an effective killing force or conspire against one another to become the kingpin of the Wasteland.

In terms of gameplay the players can each control their own squads of Rangers within the game and can even customize the squad however much they want the only caveat to this is that each player squad requires a custom made character prison at all times.

But after all of that hard work I doubt you'll really be complaining this is a relatively unique idea and one that has become popular since the days of griefing your friends on minecraft are blowing up one another in Rainbow six siege as to how deep this hole will fall is to be seen.

But it sounds promising from the offset next we take a look at an interactive world as just mentioned the world can be adapted and changed very numerable II by the player.

Or indeed players however it doesn't just depend on friends gut-punching eachother over like a merit on trade deals but actively whenever you make a decision in the solo campaign for those of you who fell in love with the multiple endings possible in until dawn.

Or the unusual playthroughs allowed by Metal Gear Solid this game will certainly be a treat the developers and lucky early access players have been commenting on how exactly you can affect the world around you as mentioned prior.

You can make decisions as the story progresses in order to adapt the outcome one example given is one of the characters you meet in the game a leader of the post apocalypse colony titled the patriarch during the demos available.

You are able to find his son and speak to him from there you can kill him join him or just let him flee each of these bares its own outcome for the next time that you meet the patriarch as in multiplayer mode you can interact with other clans for different rewards.

It would be natural to assume the NPC interaction and mildly scripted events are also possible to change just by offhandedly shooting somebody.

Or stealing something in plain sight eyes on you Skyrim players I can see that this is just speculation on my part but I wouldn't be too surprised if the world adaptation possible is very malleable these branching arcs are likely a big part of why the whole thing is taking a long time releasing.

But it's not the only reason next we're talking about big bucks acting yeah you heard it elegantly put is one of the reasons that this game is surely going to take in exile up there with the greats for world building Microsoft has been pummeling talent.

and money into this project for close to two years now with that come some firepower one of the most geekly satisfying things to put on offer for this edition in the series is that is completely voice acted thank for this blessing.

Because it really helps to fill out a world now what does complete voice-acting mean it's open to a little interpretation and scrutiny.

But I'll give wasteland the credit it deserves and assume that it means that every character you see in the game has at least one line of dialogue that has been recorded exclusively for the game.

Whether that means in depth chats with the ice dwellers dotted around the camps or just off the cuff shouting as with the classic GTA by standards remains to be seen while we're left pondering with what exactly will be the reach of conversing in the game.

We do know that it implies a large world with care put into the building of an atmosphere now what about the story the story itself follows along the same basic thread as the previous games a mass apocalypse has occurred.

Wasteland 3 release date, review, gameplay, trailer, price, pre order, PS4, PC, Steam

And America is now left a are you gonna make me say it America has been left slant there I said it the previous title was based in a post nuclear world in the lavish setting of Las Vegas Nevada this setting served as a huge inspiration for the Fallout games.

And the two are connected through a multitude of characters and easter eggs listed in the Fallout games that's fanfare if we've ever seen it rather than being in the sinful heat.

We find the game has us in the frozen lands of Colorado with this surely has to a company of reference to South Park's Kenny being dead in some ridiculous manner the people we followed this time around are a group of Doomsday Preppers.

who were rich and crazily paranoid about an extinction event ridiculous right well you're thrown into a world of limited resources and fighting clans all trying to survive the aftermath of a Soviet warpath you as typical of the games are going to have to make ethical decisions.

And choices about your rad car which will drain you morally so something about a car oh yeah we forgot short.

But sweet the game includes the use of torn up old vehicles to make your way around the tundra in a barely feasible manner are you trapped with this for the whole time no you can fully customize your vehicle by finding the right parts.

And crafting it up to Mad Max is delight this will surely be a sore point of contention for when you pull out the cooperative mode with your best buddies soon to be worst foes.

Wasteland 3 Upgrades

Next let's take a look at the upgrades the cars aren't the only things which you can upgrade during the gameplay you get to control a whole squad of Rangers these are interchangeable.

And your roster can be swapped out whenever you are not under direct combat the whole focus of the game is essentially fine-tuning on each Ranger in the squad to bring out their unique potential.

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Wasteland 3 release date, review, gameplay, trailer, price, pre order, PS4, PC, Steam

Each character has their own abilities and specialties as well as weapons which can be improved with upgrades and time spent playing as them natural progression of the story.

And a little bit of grinding we'll see you having the mightiest band of misfits ever seen in Colorado this deep rooted upgrade system looks fun.

And lets each player really feel unique and customized to their heart's content again all of this will really be brought out for the real life PvP.

That ensues when the co-op players start their Ranger waving contests who will come out as the biggest the mightiest the best built for the cold depths of Colorado after a nukes show time will tell but what do we actually want honestly this game sounds to be spoiling us.

And the demos haven't given us any real cause for concern I would say we're being treated but as always gamers want more we demand more some things we would really like to see include horse power the vehicles flying around the wasteland expands sound fun really fun.

And reminiscent of halos multitude of vehicles just flying into stuff but as watchdogs and Batman Arkham Knight will tell you a game with vehicles becomes defined by the vehicles.

It's inescapable for a game that puts any dependency on long distance travel with some wheels boxy cars with Fletch controls are a definite no go exploding vehicles on corners are another one.

What we want is driving that feels rough because we're throttling icy landscapes duh but also reliable it can't just be one vehicle with an optional color change later it should offer wheels that grab better and engines that drive harder it's not much.

Wasteland 3 Features
  • Play solo or co-op 
  • A party based rpg game
  • Environmental dangers
  • A deep and engaging story
  • Tactical turn based combat
  • Set in the savage lands of frozen Colorado 

Wasteland 3 release date, review, gameplay, trailer, price, pre order, PS4, PC, Steam

Wasteland 3 System Requirements (PC)

Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows 10 (64-Bit)
  • CPU: Intel Core i3-3240 or AMD Equivalent
  • RAM: 8 GB 
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 460 or Radeon Equivalent
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 47 GB

Recommended Requirements
  • OS: Windows 10 (64-Bit)
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4440 or AMD Equivalent
  • RAM: 8 GB 
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Equivalent
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 47 GB

Wasteland 3 Price

You can pre order Wasteland 3:

         $19.99             at                Steam

                            $59.99             at                Playstation Store

Final Words

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