` Operencia The Stolen Sun ps4: release date, review, gameplay, trailer, price, pre order, characters, Bosses

Operencia The Stolen Sun ps4: release date, review, gameplay, trailer, price, pre order, characters, Bosses

Operencia The Stolen Sun ps4: release date, review, gameplay, trailer, price, pre order, characters, Bosses

Operencia The Stolen Sun Release Date

Operencia The Stolen Sun is a first person dungeon crawlers turn based RPG game, developed and publihsed by Zen Studios, will be released for PS4, PC and Switch on March 31, 2020.

Operencia The Stolen Sun Platforms

Nintendo Switch, PC, Playstation 4, Xbox

Operencia The Stolen Sun Genre

Action, RPG

Operencia The Stolen Sun Trailer

Operencia The Stolen Sun Review

Here we will be talking about Operencia The Stolen Sun gameplay, features and overall review. Operencia The Stolen Sun so this is a dungeon crawler game. I think they could have innovated this a little more went a step further etc.

But it pulls it off it's it's definitely a great awesome fun dungeon crawler RPG so let's talk a little bit about what makes up the game etc.

First of all first thing you want to know about this game is it's not procedurally generated they did handcraft this world and much respect for that the procedural.

The procedurally generated world skilled will old to me you know I know that there you know there's something Eric about them when someone handcrafts dungeons in my opinion I think that throw a lot better and I usually enjoyed them.

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Operencia The Stolen Sun ps4: release date, review, gameplay, trailer, price, pre order, characters, Bosses

What is good about Operencia The Stolen Sun?

More there's also I gotta mention when I'm talking about that that the puzzles in Operencia The Stolen Sun, are pretty freakin cool definitely something I really enjoyed and definitely had to work my brain muscles a little bit which I certainly appreciate.

So apparently I looked into the company that made this game and this is pretty new to them obviously they are fans of this kind of genre the dungeon crawling and RPG aspect.

But it doesn't look like they're done anything like that before so I got to give them a definite high-five for that because it looks like they've done a very good job.

I do also like the movement in the game yes it is grid base you press warmers a lot you know it's not like it's not like you're actually first person shooter style walking through the dungeons that would be a great step in the right direction.

It is grid based but you can't look around freely so you can kind of move the camera around however you want that does definitely make it a little bit cooler.

And a little bit feels a little bit more free it feels like you're off the chains a little bit and I definitely appreciated that.

And also I got a mention that they just do that just for aesthetic reasons there's things in the game that you need to look around like that in order to interact with them or etc no puzzle solving things like that.

So they didn't just put in there for aesthetic reasons there's actually a good mechanic wise purpose for it as far as the graphics I think they look really good.

I think they're definitely a high level awesome quality and the dungeons themselves are super detailed I really liked all the artwork go into the character designs.

Especially these monsters man there's some really cool ones I really loved it the animation I thought was spot on the effects that you do sometimes look a little cheesy.

Operencia The Stolen Sun ps4: release date, review, gameplay, trailer, price, pre order, characters, Bosses

But for the most part they look pretty good I thought it looked like a current gen game it definitely felt like that to me it's got all the things you would expect.

And when you're out you know in the world fighting things such as you know if you attack it from the front or the back like you can get up behind them.

And just you know get the advantage the leg up on that fight that kind of thing that you would expect you also got different skills and different abilities and things that actually are better against certain types of enemies etc.

So you get a lot of strategy going on as far as leveling up your characters you got talent points and it works very well to enhance your characters and up their stats and get boosts and that kind of thing with with points.

Operencia The Stolen Sun Gameplay

You've got tools you can bring into the dungeon to kind of make the dungeon seem even cooler and find extra treasures things like fast stuff like a shovel.

So you can kind of dig up some some special spells or hidden things out in the dungeon and that was something very cool that enjoyed.

And when you first start the game actually for a long time into the game it's gonna be very level based like from this area to the next area to the next area once you get to a certain point in the game.

Though you will be able to pass travel at techne the locations you had at you have been to before there is a bit of backtracking to go back like I said before and check out the dungeon in more depth.

Operencia The Stolen Sun ps4: release date, review, gameplay, trailer, price, pre order, characters, Bosses

Or bring a tool with you to maybe get some extra treasure that kind of thing just remember that they are handcrafted dungeons they're not procedurally generated.

So you got to keep that in mind when you're striking through them and to me that makes it more enjoyable. Operencia The Stolen Sun is a very big game lots to enjoy lots to explore lots of very hard challenging bosses in my opinion.

And just gonna say that the dungeons are just so interesting and full of detail and you want to explore them and there's so many secrets and things like that you really want to see it all and that really makes it something cool.

Operencia The Stolen Sun Combat

Now as far as the combat in Operencia The Stolen Sun, it is definitely turn based okay this turn-based as it could possibly get I love turn based RPGs with the strategy and everything that's fun to me.

I can do that all day every day it's never probably ever gonna get old to me by doing the stairs people who want something different you're not gonna find back here not in this game.

This is very strict basic turn based combat now it's very reactive it's very it feels good you know as soon as you do an ability it quickly you know real fast does it you know.

There's no pause or anything like that it doesn't feel like it's wasting your time I know a lot of turn based RPGs it feels like they're dramatically wasting my time for things to happen on the screen after I've told it what I want to do this game I did not feel like that at all.

I felt like it was very fast paced straight to the point and reacted to what I wanted it to do quickly.

Operencia The Stolen Sun Bosses

Now when we're going to talk about the combat we've got to go back and start talking about these bosses in Operencia The Stolen Sun, because they can be freaking hard okay like take you several times and one during each time something like I'll let me try this.

Let me think about that and doing strategies and using skill I definitely believe that the boss battles are kind of the epitome of showing you that kind of gameplay and making you realize with the fun of a turn based RPG.

I've seen that a lot of people are very aggravated I guess you could say with the puzzles in the game I thought they were really cool I enjoyed them yes I got completely.

You know I completely missed details and things like that and had to you know kind of run around a little bit but I didn't mind exploring and when I came back to it and figured it out.

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Operencia The Stolen Sun ps4: release date, review, gameplay, trailer, price, pre order, characters, Bosses

Or what have you I thought it was fun it made me feel good and it rewarded me but and it really made me feel like I'm some kind of genius when I would figure something out.

And they're not easy I would definitely say that I never felt like it was like the game was specifically doing a puzzle that was beyond the possibility of me figuring out.

I know there's games life that was just like how would anybody ever know to do this I didn't feel like that in my time with this game.

How does it feel while playing Operencia The Stolen Sun?

Operencia The Stolen Sun, has a feel of adventure it feels like you're out on an adventure with your crew with the people you bring with you which you can't switch out and things.

Or spots in the game where you can kind of mix up who's coming along with you so you can kind of plan that you know I've you know you can kind of plan like okay I'm going to this specific area.

And I want to bring this specific classes or however you want to think of it some of the voice acting is horrendous I'll be honest it's terrible sometimes.

But sometimes it's stellar it's just hit or miss with the voice acting in Operencia The Stolen Sun, to be honest now I never played a dungeon crawler for the story.

But there has been some with good stories in there and it's nice when it's in there so this one does have a pretty good story it's got a lot of funny moments.

It's got serious moments it feels original and it does the job I mean it's not it didn't blow my mind let me put it that way but it felt real and it felt like it needed my investment of time.

And like there was something some reward for pushing further in the game so that's good enough in my opinion.

Operencia The Stolen Sun Features
  • Stunning visuals
  • 50+ enemy types
  • Explore 13 diverse
  • P{uzzle filled levels
  • Fully 3D environments
  • Switch between characters

Operencia The Stolen Sun ps4: release date, review, gameplay, trailer, price, pre order, characters, Bosses

Operencia The Stolen Sun System Requirements (PC)

Minimum Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-Bit)
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K or AMD equivalent
  • RAM: 8 GB 
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 (2 GB) or Radeon HD 7970 (3 GB)
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 15 GB 

Recommended Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-Bit)
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-3770 or AMD FX-8350
  • RAM: 16 GB 
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 570
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 15 GB

Operencia The Stolen Sun Price

You can pre order Operencia The Stolen Sun:

       $29                at              Amazon

                   $29.99           at              Microsoft Store

Final Words

So I do think Operencia The Stolen Sun, is a good game I do not think it's for everybody if you like dungeon crawlers I see absolutely no reason you wouldn't enjoy this.

So if you're looking for a new dungeon crawl or RPG or if that sounds like something else until you've never played one before go ahead it's a great option in my opinion.

It's not the best game of the year it's not really breaking any new ground or anything like that but it is a dungeon crawler and it's a good one.

So this was all about Operencia The Stolen Sun ps4: release date, review, gameplay, trailer, price, pre order, characters, classes

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