` One Step From Eden release date, review, gameplay, trailer, price, pre order, characters, pc, switch, demo

One Step From Eden release date, review, gameplay, trailer, price, pre order, characters, pc, switch, demo

One Step From Eden release date, review, gameplay, trailer, price, pre order, characters, pc, switch, demo

One Step From Eden Release Date

One Step From Eden combines real time action and strategic deck building developed and published by Thomas Moon Kang, will be released for PC, Switch on March 26, 2020.

One Step From Eden Platforms

Nintendo Switch, PC

One Step From Eden Genre

Action, Adventure, Strategy

One Step From Eden Trailer

One Step From Eden Review

Here we will talk about One Step From Eden gameplay, score, features and overall review. One Step From Eden was created by Thomas moon Kang and began life as a Kickstarter campaign proclaiming to be a game that blends a few different genres together.

And we'll get to that soon it garnered over 2,300 backers to meet its goal and is now due to release on both steam and on the Nintendo switch is it worth grabbing.

Now let's find out one step from Eden is admittedly light on story the basic premise though is that in a bleak and desolate future there is but one remaining hope the City of Eden who play as one of nine available characters in order to try.

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One Step From Eden release date, review, gameplay, trailer, price, pre order, characters, pc, switch, demo

And get there in terms of its gameplay one step from Eden classes itself as a deck building realtime strategy game with roguelike elements promising you'll be fighting through bullet hell in the process that's quite the list of genres.

So how exactly does it work well for anyone who has ever played one of the Mega Man Battle Network games or perhaps faster than lights things might look familiar for everyone else allow me to explain.

One Step From Eden Gameplay

Firstly the game is split into a series of screens most of which consists of a number of enemies for you to battle battles take place on an 8 by 4 grid with half of the grid belonging to you.

And the other half being that of your enemies you are free to move in real time on your side of the grid combat is handled by way of spells some of which you start the game with.

One Step From Eden release date, review, gameplay, trailer, price, pre order, characters, pc, switch, demo

And some you will accrue as you play the spells take the form of cards which are available to you via your deck you can use any two spells at once one performed with the a button.

And the other with the B button and once these spells have been used the next two in your deck will be assigned to a and B instead once you have used all of your spell cards they will be reshuffled.

And added back to your deck as well as this you also have a permanent weapon which is fired by pressing said R.

And will do small but consistent damage this is especially useful as spells have a cool down period which ties into how much money you have each spell will have a different element to effect such as a lightning bolt.

Or a wall of flames but some will also have a status effect as well such as the aforementioned flames burn in any enemy that enters the grid tile or poisons being afflicted onto a target the trajectory.

Or attack pattern for each spell is also written on the card and you must pay attention to this if you want to hit your target again.

For example one spell may see your character launch forward and slasher any enemy in their way whilst another will see four balls of light to be launched grenade fashion for tiles in front of you.

There is a marker on the screen to help you judge exactly where a text will land the tiles on your side will flash the show where enemy attacks are due to land.

And this is where the bullet held nature of the game kicks in as you try to avoid all manner of projectiles practically dancing around the grid at times whilst trying to get attacks of your own off at the other end defeating a set of enemies will give you the opportunity to pick a new card to enter your pile.

One Step From Eden release date, review, gameplay, trailer, price, pre order, characters, pc, switch, demo

And these will range in terms of the type of damage they do so I will also have an additional perk or status attached to them which will take effect when they are used such as anchor which will tie you to the spot whilst using that card or fragile which will deal 1.5 times.

The usual damage to any enemy for free hits after choosing your card you are taken to a branch in pathway where you can choose the route you take towards a boss battle at the end.

And this is where the roguelike elements in pathways are procedurally generated for each run and death will see you lose all progress.

And begin again from the beginning in much the same way as in similar games already on a switch such as The Binding of Isaac has been heroes.

Or dead cells to name but a few the points of the pathway are not always the same some are the standard battle screens.

But there are also rescue missions mini boss fights or even shops where you can spend the credits you gain through battle to buy new cards.

Or upgrade existing ones you can also buy d buffs that won't affect you for a set number of battles but will earn you a reward should you come through unscathed should you be strapped for credits you can sell 100 health points for 20 of them on this run.

here I did this to have just enough money to then buy back 250 health points pretty shrewd business I reckon each victory in battle will earn you experience points.

And gaining enough will see you level up thereby being gifted a powerup potentially a passive ability that will take effect at the start of each new battle.

Or a permanent upgrade such as increasing the maximum amount of mana you have to elaborate a little further on the boss battles these will take precision movement.

And fast reflexes to dodge incoming attacks and fire attacks of your own off in time some attacks seem pretty unavoidable at first.

And this can be quite frustrating due to the high nature of the stakes involved with a whole runs work potentially being undone very quickly on these occasions should you defeat a boss you are given the option to either finish them.

Or show mercy killing them will grant more power or spare in them means they will assist you later I was also spared by a boss at one point.

So I assumed the sparing of an opponent mechanic works both ways although every other time so far they have killed me defeating a boss sees you move into a new map.

And the process starts again via a new set of branching paths as alluded to earlier there are nine characters two players each with different starting spells passive abilities.

And weapons although only one character is unlocked from the start of the game during my first run I must admit it all felt a bit random I didn't really understand the intricacies of the game.

And although there is a tutorial it's more just a run-through of the controls rather than an explanation of the mechanics I blitz my way through early battles.

And even manage to beat the first boss but it was more on the second run where things started to click the basic elements are fairly simple and it's quite an easy game to pick up.

And get to grips with even if it takes a lot longer to fully begin to understand it's at this point that one step from Eden just starts to click enough to see the potential of it becoming a major time eater the use of the card.

Mechanic is also quite clever because although the issue some people have with deck building games is their random nature this ties in quite nicely with the roguelike ethos of random pick ups making you Eva incredibly powerful.

And some runs are usually vulnerable in others like all good rogue lights dying at the end of a run will earn you points that will see you level up after a certain amount of deaths.

And this will add new spell cards to the pile that you can access in subsequent runs on a more negative side that there's a lot that isn't explained such as the statuses on each card.

Or what some of the terminology means you do begin to pick it up and within a few runs you'll have figured a lot of it out that perhaps an index of terms.

Or something similar could have been added to assist with this this extends to things such as the unlocking of other characters no real guidance is given as to how to unlock them just a quick line on which level you needed to be.

Or which boss you needed to defeat would have been enough and would have acted as an incentive to attempt to do just that it's also very difficult to keep your eye on two sides of the screen at once at times.

Especially when boss battles become hectic as well as the single player mode that there are both co-op and PvP modes co-op mode plays very similarly to single player with both players attacking from the same side of the grid.

And sharing health and mana as well as the card pool this means that you need to try and synchronize your attacks.

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One Step From Eden release date, review, gameplay, trailer, price, pre order, characters, pc, switch, demo

And it didn't necessarily feel easier due to this this may change if you build up a good team with someone player versus player mode is a simple first two rounds match with a player on either side of the screen is there for those who want a more competitive side to the game.

One Step From Eden gameplay and overall score

But personally it felt like the weakest part of the package for me one step from Eden has a deceptive layout of strategy that becomes apparent after a few runs.

And makes for quite an addictive and compelling experience with quite a few intricacies to learn many of which I'm still coming to terms with myself gameplay scores 17 out of 20.

Controls are easy to learn with the two button magic system and shoulder button actions working well and also receive 17 out of 20 visually one step from Eden adopts a pixel art style this style is used to very good effect with character sprites that are colorful.

And full of life bouncing on a spot ready for action and skipping around the carnage that in shoes once the attacks start flying there are a number of welds that you will visit on your runs with each branching pathway taking place on one of these they range from Arctic settings to volcanic areas.

And forests and whilst these certainly added to the atmosphere they didn't really go above and beyond diva hand-drawn character models are used in menus and again these were stylist Lee done.

And helped further flesh out the characters in terms of the audio the music certainly complemented the gameplay and the visuals filtering in and out of your auditory sense as.

And when it needed to to spice up the on-screen action explosions are suitably loud and bombastic without ever becoming obnoxious visuals are bright clean and pleasing with the character models in particular standing out and they score 15 out of 20.

One Step From Eden Features
  • 200+ spells
  • Play with Friends
  • Customize your deck 
  • Build your deck and fight
  • Experience a mixture of strategy and real-time action

One Step From Eden release date, review, gameplay, trailer, price, pre order, characters, pc, switch, demo

One Step From Eden System Requirements (PC)

Minimum Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6320 or equivalent
  • RAM: 2 GB 
  • Storage: 1 GB 

One Step From Eden Price

You can pre order One Step From Eden:

             Pre order           at            Steam

Final Words

I will say that there is something about it being based on a grid on a single screen as opposed to exploring an environment that means I'm not sure if it would keep my attention for quite as long as other games in the genre.

But this is more of a personal taste being than anything else value for money is certainly high and it scores 18 out of 20 to conclude one step from Eden takes a few different genres.

And fuses them together successfully each seems to complement the other nicely which leads to a fun challenging addictive and well rounded experience for me one step from Eden doesn't quite match some of the fantastic road lights on the switch such as Isaac dead cells or risk of rain but it's not far off to be fair not far off at all one step from Eden gets a switch up score of 83%.

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