` Bleeding Edge beta, release date, review, gameplay, trailer, characters, price, pre order, alpha, steam, pc, xbox

Bleeding Edge beta, release date, review, gameplay, trailer, characters, price, pre order, alpha, steam, pc, xbox

Bleeding Edge beta, release date, review, gameplay, trailer, characters, price, pre order, alpha, steam, pc, xbox

Bleeding Edge Release Date

Bleeding Edge is an online combat game developed by Ninja Theory and published by Xbox Game Studios, will be released for Xbox and PC on March 24, 2020.

Bleeding Edge Platforms

PC, Xbox

Bleeding Edge Genre

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

Bleeding Edge Trailer

Bleeding Edge Review

In this article we will be talking about Bleeding Edge characters, gameplay and overall review. So here we will review Bleeding Edge Alpha most of. In the Alpha we have two maps and ten characters.

Bleeding Edge Characters

Characters on screen available on their website and they are part of three classes assassins supports and heavies for the melee assassins.

You have nidhogg and daemon for the rains you have Maeve and gizmo and don't you even think about it but if she's 17 we have one melee support who is Miko and two ranged who are gonna be zero cool.

And all three of the heavies are going to be melee and those are makuu to el Bastardo and Buttercup.

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Bleeding Edge beta, release date, review, gameplay, trailer, characters, price, pre order, alpha, steam, pc, xbox

So basically they have the whole kit the difference is that Damon and nidhogg are assassins Hilda move just slightly quicker than bastard who is a heavy character.

But both still have three down and that's what really doesn't make a lot of sense to me is the distribution of these dashes out of the four assassins we have in Bleeding Edge.

Nidhogg Damon gizmo and Maeve nidhogg and Damon have three dashes and gizmo and Maeve have two they also belong into the same group gizmo and Maeve are ranged assassins.

And they have two and nidhogg and Damon are melee assassins and they have three but why though if anything it should be closely similar across the board for the class for the heavies has three buttercup has one with.

But it's a little bit more unique in the fact that it's more of a sprint and that it really doesn't run out it doesn't have a set number.

So you can kind of use a little bit or use a lot and makuta doesn't even have one he has two different stances I can get it because it slightly does match up the melee characters have three.

And majority of the ranged have two but I feel like this is more of a class-by-class basis another thing I noticed a little bit is the damage for this game going off.

Many games with these types of class setups overwatch paladins any type of game like that mostly you're gonna be having the heavy characters which are your slow.

And hard hitting characters but the assassins are going to be faster and hit for less while your supports are kind of varied in what they can do.

But they most likely he are gonna be healing a lot more than doing damage so a damage really isn't that big of a factor.

But they can sometimes hold their own for the supports though you get an A+ 100% Cole Vey is incredible he has an AoE health pool and a debuff spell.

He's definitely one of my favorites zero cool is good too he has a fear he just has a straight infinite beam of health and Miko has the ability to actually go on the offensive.

And heal her teammates were also doing damage because every hit she does she does heal it's super cool.

And love the variety between these three the problem is that the majority of the assassins hit too hard and the heavies don't really hit hard enough besides a few exceptions.

Makuta doesn't really do enough damage despite being a heavy and Damon hits way too hard to be an assassin which makes no sense.

But on a positive note I have to admit though Bleeding Edge gameplay, it feels super smooth not clunky not awkward or anything like that.

There were a few times when the whole Lobby would fight in it with lag but it's an alpha so that'll probably be addressed pretty quickly anyway.

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Bleeding Edge beta, release date, review, gameplay, trailer, characters, price, pre order, alpha, steam, pc, xbox

But so that's why I'm not a big issue of it and when it comes to big team fights the game feels great alts going back and forth abilities falling everywhere it's absolutely breathtaking.

While those characters that I mentioned before nidhogg damon and el Bastardo seem really good and a teamfight anything can happen.

It's all done to communication teamwork making sure you use your abilities correctly and of course the mods and boards as well boards are basically going to be like your horses from paladin's or your pets in World of Warcraft.

Bleeding Edge Gameplay

As for gameplay it was super big on team player but I honestly think that it relies way too much on team play in a one on one it's going to be a super big stalemate and it's gonna last for like two minutes with no one really doing much damage.

And in a two on one that the person that is out number two to die instantly in seconds out of all the matches that have played so far have not been able to win a two on one with any single character.

And unless both opponents were super low on health and was actually playing an assassin I've never actually been able to win a two on one even in this circumstance with a range character at all.

And I think this is a super big issue either we need to have a mechanic to combat anti gank or switch up the health and damage values because as it stands it's almost impossible to win while you're outnumbered.

And that can make some people angry especially newer players that just want to test out a new character.

I totally understand that this is a team game and you really should be sticking with your team but you're not going to be sticking with your team 100% of the time.

So just because you've got a little lost trying to get to your team and two people gangbang you you shouldn't that shouldn't be instant death for you on top of that.

Bleeding Edge beta, release date, review, gameplay, trailer, characters, price, pre order, alpha, steam, pc, xbox

There is this stun effect for all melee characters when you perform a combo it's like any other combo in any fighting game it's your turn to hit and you can stop these by either evading or doing a tactical booty if you're on the receiving end this adds a little bit of strategy.

And learning each character and trying to figure out all their combos except the problem is that each character really only has one combo.

And it's either spamming the X button three times or spamming the X button four times with the occasional character having the hold X button which can be a launch move or something like that.

It's basically just button mashing so if two melee characters went at it you can either dash away from them or use the tactical ability to stop their combo.

But if you're a ranged character all you have is your dash your guns will not do shit so literally in a teamfight the first character to be killing is a ranged character or a healer.

If you have three dashes you're ultimately really good in terms of just skill rank and top tier el Bastardo Damon and nidhogg are some of the characters that have three dashes.

I believe miko does as well although she doesn't compare as strong as these three do these three characters both have three dashes and they are completely unstoppable each have a melee attack that can cause the combo stun.

And some have some attacks that can either launch you in the air have some type of range ability or have an AoE ability.

The hover board will make you go faster and to get to certain points a lot quicker or if you want to get into a fight quicker that'll help you and mods are like the cards from Paragon you can equip three mods at one time.

And you can make multiple builds for multiple scenarios and switch on the fly these mods can increase damage to certain abilities increase health reduce cooldown timers.

And many more but you can have gameplay without game modes and maps and in the Alpha there was two game modes.

And two maps as for the game modes you have a capture game mode like domination from Call of Duty where it's three points and you must capture those points.

You can also earn other points for killing opponents as well and this is called objective control you start out with no capture points then after some time all of them.

Or some of them could light up maybe all three or maybe only one so each team has to fight for those lit up control points.

And then capture them to get more points after some time they will disappear this is what I like to call the breather phase.

Bleeding Edge beta, release date, review, gameplay, trailer, characters, price, pre order, alpha, steam, pc, xbox

But there's no points coming out and it just straight up killing people and then the points will come back and then rinse and repeat the first two 6 under points wins the match.

The next one is where there's batteries and canisters scattered throughout the map and you have to destroy them pick up the batteries take it to an objective.

And deliver them this is called Power Cells same exact thing applies here one phase the battery cells are gonna spawn.

And then the next some of the objectives are maybe all the objectives will spawn and then you have to deposit the batteries and it's a rinse and repeat until the game is over.

Which is basically 50 captures of batteries and your team wins every game mode so far in this beta has a single pixon meaning you can only have one character per team.

And not more than one so you cannot have two Damon's three buttercups or four makuu twos you can only have one per character.

And then lastly as for the maps I have to admit I was pretty surprised my initial thoughts by looking just at the map were that this is way too big for the player count.

Bleeding Edge Features
  • Ride missiles
  • Control minds
  • Grab your team
  • Freeze foes in time
  • Customise hoverboard
  • Power up your weapons
  • Synergise with your teammates 
  • A diverse cast of colourful characters

Bleeding Edge beta, release date, review, gameplay, trailer, characters, price, pre order, alpha, steam, pc, xbox

Bleeding Edge PC System Requirements

MInimum Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 (64-Bit)
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4430 (3.0 GHz) or AMD FX-8350
  • RAM: 8 GB 
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 7950 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 15 GB

Recommended Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 (64-Bit)
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4670K (3.4 GHz) or AMD FX-8370
  • RAM: 8 GB 
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 40 GB

Bleeding Edge Price and Pre order

You can pre order Bleeding Edge:

$29.99         at          Xbox

  $10.49         at          Steam

                  $29.99+       at          Microsoft Store

Final Words

But as I played it more I discovered that they weren't so bad yet there are some dead points and there's going to be no combat at some points.

But it's not all the time and honestly my final critique for Bleeding Edge, is that it really should be a 5v5 and not a 4v for no real reason behind it.

But I think that it would really help all the dead combat and make it a lot more intense and I think if I thought originally that this game is going to be a 5v5 mode.

And I think it could do wonders adding just that one extra player into your team that's gonna be my huge impression of the Alpha test so far for Bleeding Edge.

So this was all about Bleeding Edge beta, release date, review, gameplay, trailer, characters, price, pre order, alpha, steam, pc, xbox

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