` One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows Review: Release Date, Gameplay, Beta and Pre Order

One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows Review: Release Date, Gameplay, Beta and Pre Order

One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows Review: Release Date, Gameplay and Pre Order

One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows Release Date

One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows is an action fighting game developed by Soike Chunsoft and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, will be released on February 27, 2020.

One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows Trailer

One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows Review

In this article we will also talk about One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows Review, features and characters. This is everything we know so far about One Punch Man a Hero Nobody Knows so this is Brenda as an action fighting game and from the trailer we can see it's another arena fighter like many other anime games out there now arena fighters definitely have their fan base but also a lot of arena fighters in the past have been subpar when it comes to quality.

One Punch Man a Hero Nobody Knows go beyond that though this game is being developed by Spike Chunsoft who has recently released jump force which in my opinion was a step back for arena fighters that should temper your expectations especially once you learn that this is a three on three battle game it is not a 1v1 like many other arena fighters. It is a 3v3 just like jump force it is even coming from the same developer and both games share some DNA that is noticeable during the trailer.

One Punch Man a Hero Nobody Knows Characters and Features

Let's talk about some features we have a few confirmed characters so far Saitama Geno's hellish blizzard speed of sound Sonic and Moomin Rider those are five characters so far but this being a three-on-three game we expect the roster to be a lot bigger at least 24 characters I think that is the bare minimum for a three on three barrel game hellish Blizzard should give us an idea of the range of characters included.

She is not necessarily one of the main characters she only showed up on season two of One Punch Man and there are a lot more exciting characters to put in place of hellish blizzards so she should definitely give us an idea of what type of heroes or villains we could see making it into the final version for instance we have no s-rank heroes outside of Janos and we have zero villains so far outside of speed of sound sonic.

So I think there are a lot of obvious additions that will be announced soon for this game given the fact that hellish blizzard is making it and she's not that major of a character also Boros is in the cover of the game which should also give us an idea of where the focus is Boros is the main villain for season 1 and if this game has some sort of story mode I expect him to be the final boss.

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One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows Review: Release Date, Gameplay and Pre Order

Jump force is a very good starting point for analyzing this game I can see some similarities already and those similarities go beyond the 3v3 fighting system this game shows off one character at a time and it starts with Saitama the first show we get is probably an intro pose or a cinematic of some sort then we have a rapid punch ability which will probably work similar to jotaro's ordeals or aura or muda moves speeder sonic then attacks Saitama and Saitama just doesn't take any damage.

He's just standing there so I believe this is also an ability from Saitama something you activate and hey anything you throw at me right now it won't have any effect and then the camera zooms in on him and this is either an ultimate activation or a victory post.

Then we move on to Geno's his portion of the trailer also opens up with a cinematic when it cuts to actual gameplay you can see that speed of Sonic has been knocked down so this is probably the end of a Geno's combo where he is activating a special attack and this special attack dashes in and once he does that and connects with a kick you get a cinematic special then we see.

I'm heading Saitama. Saitama once again is just no selling the crap out of his hits once again using that ability we mentioned before and then he goes into an ultimate ability and we can't really see sytem as being blown away or not so unfortunately that's all we can tell about these abilities so far then.

We move on to hellish blizzard and when we cut to gameplay with hellish blizzard she's actually not on stage so what we're gonna see here is the tag mechanic can see Janus going in for an attack and then he vanishes as hellish blizzard dashes into the game so there will most likely be a dash mechanic just like in gym force just like in a lot of other arena fighters and when he attacks someone and they will come dashing into the opponent how much was it starts a combo but then it cuts to a cinematic to an ability and in this case Saitama is not using his iron body ability or whatever you want to call it.

He is actually blocking you can see that his arm is up so you can just block special abilities like many other arena fighters then we've got this tornado ability also from hellish Blizzard and finally a cinematic attack probably an ultimate or something in which the activation is concrete raising from the floor in crushing her opponent.

One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows Review: Release Date, Gameplay and Pre Order

We move on to speed a sound sonic and this guy's obviously fast the first move we see is him just dashing all over the place and hitting his opponent then we see some normal attacks and notice the purple line before the first attack this line represents Sonic's movement and it seems that during his normal attack see he actually crosses up to the opponent's Bank this is a gimmick that's used a lot with fast characters just pressing the light or heavy attack button has this character just dashing all over the place and crossing up the opponent though in a lot of arena fighters blocking is really directional so it doesn't really matter but it does convey a cool sense of speed.

I think speed of sonic is gonna have that he lends to normal hits then he moves on to this special spinning move and then a cinematic where he throws a bunch of shuriken and those shuriken explode on the ground around Saitama and we don't really see the full effect of this because it cuts two Moomin Rider now a movement rider makes me hopeful for this game and that's because of all the characters we've seen so far.

They've given us a couple of normal attacks and some generic specials that we've mostly seen in other games Moomin rider on the other hand seems to have something unique and it starts right here this first shot might be as intro but when it cuts you can actually see him paddling away from Saitama so one of movement riders abilities might just very well be get on your bike and run away and it's this uniqueness that I hope to see in all the characters though it is spike chunsoft.

We see hellish blizzards fighting speed of sound Sonic and we're gonna get another tagging animation and woman riders ability is again sort of unique it's not like the generic that we saw hellish blizzard earlier he rides his bike which disappears for a frame what happened there and he crashes the bike into his opponent.

Then we got some normal attacks from lumen rider this game has got them hitboxes and then it cuts to a cinematic special and you can see this is still the same combo as before even though there was a cut right there Moomin rider hit speed of sound sonic with the knee and you can see him stagger it goes into the cinematic and sweetest sound Sonic is still staggered which means moment rider is ending a combo with a special ability and his special abilities throwing his bike at his face Moomin rather you're gonna save this game.

I can just feel it right now from there we have a cool-looking cinematic Saitama throwing the punch which is probably his ultimate attack that culminates in this cinematic shots of earth with all the clouds split open because that's how powerful this character is.

I'm happy that someone finally picked up the one punch man license I feel like a lot of developers have been scared to make a one punch man game simply because the concept is ridiculous Saitama is way too powerful to put in any game and to make a video game which Saitama playable fun there's only two ways to solve the problem one you make him not super powerful betraying the manga betraying the anime in favor of game balance of gameplay fun and that seems to be the path that Spike Chunsoft is taking or two.

One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows Features

  • Experience the one punch man world
  • Build a team of heroes and villains
  • Improve your techniques
  • Similar gaming elements from previous games
  • New changes

One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows Review: Release Date, Gameplay and Pre Order

One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows Price

You can Pre Order One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows:

              $59.99        at      Amazon

                                                                   at   Bandai Namco Entertainment

Final Words

You have a One Punch Man game without Saitama being playable he's just there is just a part of the world but you play as someone else and no one wants to make a One Punch Man game where Saitama isn't playable. They're gonna get a lot of backlash from it fans want to play his side tomorrow obviously but that's everything we know about One Punch Man a Hero Nobody Knows. 

So this was all about One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows Review: Release Date, Gameplay and Pre Order.

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