` Kingdom Hearts 3: ReMind DLC Release Date, Trailer, Review and Gameplay | Kh3 ReMind Price

Kingdom Hearts 3: ReMind DLC Release Date, Trailer, Review and Gameplay | Kh3 ReMind Price

Kingdom Hearts 3: ReMind DLC Release Date, Trailer, Review and Gameplay | Kh3 ReMind Price

Kingdom Hearts 3: ReMind DLC Release Date

Kingdom Hearts 3: ReMind is an action RPG game developed and published by Square Enix, will be released on January 23, 2020 (PS4).

Kingdom Hearts 3: ReMind DLC Trailer

Kingdom Hearts 3: ReMind DLC Review

In this article we will also talk about Kingdom Hearts 3: ReMind DLC Review, Bosses, a secret episode, characters and a new mode. Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind is right around the corner and this DLC is going to be big it's going to add a lot of content to the game and while the context to the content of the DLC may be a bit shaky for a secrecy sake. You can acquire the proof of x pass by beating critical mode along with the keyblade's in the free update you will also get new abilities and a new story update for the main game both of which are currently unknown Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind DLC will be released for PS4 on January 23, 2020. 

What about Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind Characters?

The DLC will feature battles with other playable characters so far including Riku aqua and completely new playable characters to the game Roxas and Kyrie it is currently unknown if we're going to be playing as other characters but it will also feature a dynamic battle in which the guardians of light go against the seekers of Darkness where you share control of each Keyblade wielder this aspect has many people excited personally.

I cannot wait to play as Roxas but I know right now the number one pick that ever wants to play us is our girl Kyrie the DLC will feature an additional scenario known as remind which pretty much acts as its main selling point as it is Kingdom Hearts to remind this scenario is known as room on this postgame story it will feature Sora on his quest to save Kyrie from her fate at the end of Kingdom Hearts 3.

It is in this journey that Sora will trace the hearts of the guardians of light and will come into contact with troops that he never expected to experience this will contain new story elements scenes and audio according to Tetsuya Nomura the story and the DLC as a whole is pretty self sufficient and that the final draft of Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind story is much bigger than the expected from the original draft.

Kingdom Hearts 3: ReMind DLC Release Date, Trailer, Review and Gameplay | Kh3 ReMind Price

One huge element of the story is that it will feature the return of Final Fantasy characters in Kingdom Hearts 3 Leon yuffie Aerith and CID have confirmed to return in radiant garden where Riku seeks their counsel on looking for Sora after he disappeared at the end of the game Ayers replies that since they still remember Sora he still must exist somewhere along with the return of Final Fantasy characters the fairy mother from Cinderella has also confirmed to return in remind although many are excited for the return of these characters.

It is currently unknown if cloud Tifa or Sephiroth return in Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind the DLC will also feature a limit cut episode which contains 13 new super boss fights such as the 1v1 organization rematches akin to the data battles that we saw in kingdom hearts 2 final mix while these 13 bosses seem to be based on the new organization third team with revamped attacks so far the bosses that we have confirmed our xigbar Vanitas Terezin art and some xemnas dark Riku and lark scene.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind will have a secret Episode?

I'm really excited for these one-on-one fights and if they're gonna be based on the new organization 13 yo guys Shion oh man alongside that Kingdom Hearts through remind will also feature a secret episode and box it is currently and completely unknown what this episode is and who the boss will be.

Although many have theorized myself included that the secret boss could be yours aura and that the secret episode could focus on Sora's interaction with this mysterious character and speaking of Yozora it is confirmed that Kingdom Hearts through your mind will feature Yozora in some capacity while yours aura and the entity of verum Rex is still very mysterious it was featured ever so slightly in Kingdom Hearts 3 in the toy box world.

However the secret movie of Kingdom Hearts 3 based game features Yozora and a very mysterious yet prominent way and in the final trailer of Kingdom Hearts 3 remind it does show Sora coming into contact will use aura complete with a voiced line one way or another Yozora seems to be tied to the future of Kingdom Hearts 3 and we're gonna probably learn a lot more about that within the DLC as confirmed by Tetsuya Nomura Kingdom Hearts 3 remind and it's new scenarios are independent of and can be played outside of the main game once completing the main story.

But this is heavily implied that the starting menu of Kingdom Hearts 3 will be updated with a remind section so you can access this dlc and play these various episodes once again going back to the notion that in the more estates that this dlc is self sufficient. 

Kingdom Hearts 3: ReMind DLC Release Date, Trailer, Review and Gameplay | Kh3 ReMind Price

A new mode in Kingdom Hearts III Remind

The dlc will also contain a new photo in slideshow mode known as data greetings the description for this mode is actually pretty cool you'll be able to take many of the Kingdom Hearts characters within the game and set them up in specific backdrops and pose them to take photos pops are also included when showing off this mode they are able to recreate moments of past Kingdom Hearts games in the Unreal Engine Kingdom shader and these photos you take can be compiled together in a slideshow mode and shared with your friends along with the world.

I know people are going to go crazy with this mode and I really want to see what ideas you got in store to make these wild photos and slideshows maybe you guys can make something like a really funny comic strip along with the new photo and slideshow mode.

We're also getting new difficulty settings in KH3 Remind DLC such as fast pass and black code mode through this thing called the premium menu now this part is really cool within this premium menu you are able to change the difficulty settings to really really high to very low you'll be able to tinker with the enemy's attack damage and source health some examples of these parameters is fast pass mode and black code mode and fast pass mode Sora can one shot his enemies in order to get through the game very quickly.

While black code mode can be seen as the opposite where enemies can be given the ability to one shot Sora apparently these difficulty settings and challenges can be accessed aside from the base difficulty settings such as beginner standard proud and critical and according to Nomura these difficulty settings contained it within the premium menu can be changed and updated on the fly so long that you're able to access the menu by not being in combat.

Now this is a lot of experimentation that I'm so ready for I want to try something akin to mode from Devil May Cry in which anything could one shot Sora but Sora can one shot anything it is with these multitude of options that I really want to see people get creative with different modes and different challenges that they can create and share with the arts community and one big thing that I find it very exciting when it comes to the kid marks you remind TLC is the fact that Scala at caelum will be explorable within KhIII Remind DLC.

Kingdom Hearts 3: ReMind DLC Features

  • Combines elements of Disney and Final Fantasy
  • Sora returns 
  • Action adventure/RPG
  • A secret episode
  • New slideshow mode
  • New abilities
  • 13 Boss battles

Kingdom Hearts 3: ReMind DLC Release Date, Trailer, Review and Gameplay | Kh3 ReMind Price

Kingdom Hearts 3: ReMind DLC Price

You can Pre-Order Kingdom Hearts 3: ReMind DLC:

                       £29.99      at       PlayStore Store (PS4)

                         $29.99      at       Microsoft Store (Xbox)

Final Words

It is currently unknown to what capacity Scala out caelum will be explorable to and it's currently unknown how you'll be able to access this explorable version of Scala IDE caelum and what episode it will be in but the common guess is that it might be the playground you'll be able to access in the limit cut episode in order to access the 13 different data boss battles and to tie this all together with a little bow is that it is confirmed in the Japanese version of ken marcin remind is that it will feature English voice acting in the DLC and what that is clearly unknown if the worldwide version of the DLC will contain Japanese voice acting for the game and there you have it everything you need to know and everything that we do know about Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind DLC.

So this was all about Kingdom Hearts 3: ReMind DLC Release Date, Trailer, Review and Gameplay | Kh3 ReMind Price.

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