` Dying Light 2: Release Date - Review, gameplay, trailer, story, demo, news & everything you need to know | Dying Light 2 pre order

Dying Light 2: Release Date - Review, gameplay, trailer, story, demo, news & everything you need to know | Dying Light 2 pre order

Dying Light 2 Release Date - Review, gameplay, trailer, story, demo, news & everything you need to know - Dying Light 2 pre order

Dying Light 2 Release Date

Dying Light 2 is a survival open world RPG game developed by and published by Techland, will be released for PC, PS4, Xbox One in Spring 2020.

Dying Light 2 Trailer

Dying Light 2 Announcement Trailer

Dying Light 2 Review

In this article we will also talk about Dying Light 2 Review, Gameplay, Story, Character and Trailer. So we are going to be doing a breakdown of Dying Light 2. In the trailer we can see a building with zombies on top and the building is called Excess market so this building can be one of those abandoned buildings where you will find good resources it's like a quarantine zone but way bigger also in the same building we can see zombies standing on what appears to be a trap something like spikes from Dying Light.

Dying Light 2 Release Date - Review, gameplay, trailer, story, demo, news & everything you need to know - Dying Light 2 pre order

What will be the story of Dying Light 2?

So a few seconds later in the trailer we can see the pathway created by survivors to travel from one building to another also on the right we can see a survivor fighting some zombies who are actually called degenerates in the game who are actually weak zombies but at the same time deadly and if you pay attention you will also see a red smoke in the background which kind of suggests that we will have Air drops in the game or maybe it's just a flare used by a survivor to call for help.

I'm sure you can also see the zombies are out during the day they are like everywhere on top of the buildings as well as inside the buildings in the next scene we can see the main character jumping out of the building but before that we can see him passing through two zombies who appear to be not attacking and both of them are kind of idle as if they are hibernating and they didn't wanted to waste their energy.

As we go ahead in the trailer we can see the main character jumping on the train while doing his parkour moves also while jumping you will see a hidden Docket code that says hope never dies. So while the main character was performing a parkour move while jumping and swinging on the train you can actually see a vehicle pass by right below the train so it looks like the main character was chasing something.

Dying Light 2 Release Date - Review, gameplay, trailer, story, demo, news & everything you need to know - Dying Light 2 pre order

So it looks crazy and you can see it's literally moving it's not a still vehicle it's actually moving now you might have also noticed some zombies in the Train well they're also the same zombies the weak ones as well as the deadly ones also during the jump you can see his bracelet light is green which means he's not yet infected.

In the next scene we pass by a building named scrubs which actually can be a reference to an old comedy series called the scrubs so maybe this building is an abandoned hospital and at the left we can see some survivors addressing the area so maybe they have already captured this place or are planning to capture it and on the right side we can see some rooftop farm the developers were talking about it.

At the same time also revealed in one of the concept arts so most of the captured roof actually has a farm the next scene was a bit unexpected because it showed some people having sort of party so maybe in different factions you will see these types of activities because it looks like a group of survivors who are working as a team to either protect themselves or protect what's left.

We also see these survivors using UV light indoors to keep them safe from outside dangers at the same time it can stop them from not turning into an infected zombie so that's why we see a UV light here during a scene where the girl is singing you can see in the back a small note that says dusk to dawn curfew this whole word actually has a meaning it means a regulation requiring people to remain indoors between specified hours typically at night. So it's obvious why that note is actually there so yeah that note is actually telling people to stay indoors and not go outside during the nighttime.

A new Finisher in Dying Light 2

In the next scene of Dying Light 2: Trailer we get a close up of skyscrapers and the main character we see that he's inside a building with some zombies who appeared not to be attacking them and yes they are the weak zombies again their actions suggest that they are actually resting and hibernating I've said it before and it always looks like that now we see the main character tackle the zombie and fall on the ground while dropping the zombie on its back and killing him this looks like a new finisher. So you'll most likely see it in Dying Light 2 as a new finisher.

Dying Light 2 Release Date - Review, gameplay, trailer, story, demo, news & everything you need to know - Dying Light 2 pre order

What the main character is doing in Dying Fall 2?

Now we see our main character addressing the fire which has been spread in these buildings and in the next scene you see your main character running inside the building when a weak platform breaks and the main character falls down breaking different layers of platforms and now he's actually in the dark zone this actually looked like a trap to me because if we see there, there is actually a note that said bargain here so maybe the character was going there to buy some weapons or any other in game stuff but instead he gets stuck in this trap. 

In the next scene now the character is inside the dark zone where he fell and I'm sure you know what dark zones are it's like quarantine zones but this one has barely any light and it's way bigger than any of the quarantine zones we have seen before it's literally dark in here and the zombies inside are violent just like the night walkers from Dying Light but this ones are vicious and are way faster than any of the zombie you've seen in Dying Light.

We see our character doing a wall run and at his left we have four night Walker's following him and in the next scene we see the character climbing a ladder which appears to be embedded with UV light but for some reason it's not turned on so maybe the main character was doing a mission to bring back electricity or to turn the lights back on.

Dying Light 2 Release Date - Review, gameplay, trailer, story, demo, news & everything you need to know - Dying Light 2 pre order

So while he was climbing we see the night Walker is trying to grab his leg and at that moment we can also see some sparks which looks like the power is about to turn on and one thing to mention here is that if you see the zombie hand it actually has the same wristband you have but all the light here is actually turned red which means if all the lights on your wrist turn red you will become an infected zombie.

I feel like there are different stages of infected and the light represents that now we see our character escape the dark zone and like sliding out you can see him grab either a bow or some sort of weapon it's most likely a bow but for some reason it also looks like a boomerang as a lot of people have said but for me it looks like a bow a boomerang is also possible because it does exist in the medieval times but it's just something we'll find when the game actually comes out.

Also while our character was sliding outside you see this zombie that actually looks frozen and checking every single frame I saw that the zombie wasn't moving he literally is stuck and frozen I don't know the reason but it looks weird seeing a zombie frozen and not doing anything but there has to be some explanation for this so maybe you'll have to look at more gameplay or get any details from the developers to understand why this zombie is frozen.

Now we get back to the scene where our character is addressing the area again which is covered in fire and in the next scene we can see some survivors fighting peacekeepers it looks like the peacekeepers are preventing these survivors from entering a place maybe they are stopping them from entering the safehouse I mean what could be the reason right well I think maybe the reason is because the survivors are infected and the peacekeepers don't want any infected survivors in their camp.

We were back to addressing the area again the main character looks at the left side where he sees the some bandits are actually trying to take over the survivor camp this rooftop looks like it's a base of survivors and they are living here as well as farming and the bandits are here to capture this place I feel like you'll have to defend.

Now in the next scene we see another protagonist who looks like a leader of a group who is punishing some people for something and the punishment he has given is actually execution so before these guys were about to get executed our main character saves both survivors by punching and kicking the bad guys for some reason.

A character still addressing the location during the night I wonder how long he's been standing there like literally there has been four or five scenes of him literally standing in that one place now in this very scene we see some survivors running from the zombies and one of the survivors actually has a portable light something you will need to carry with you so you don't turn into a zombie and you can stay immune from the virus. In the same scene we also see the streetlights are made of solar panels so I wonder why they're switched off I mean at the streets light have solar panel it should work but it's not working so maybe we'll find out about that later.

The next thing we see here is actually insane where we see some peacekeepers protecting some survivors and they are surrounded by zombies and during the same scene we also see some survivors running through the horde of zombies it's actually one survivor and he tries to regroup with his people but the peacekeepers don't allow that and they push him away more likely kicked him away because the peacekeepers don't want to take a risk of inviting an infected person to enter the base.

Introduction of your main character in Dying Light 2

In the next scene of Dying Light 2 Trailer we are introduced to our main character Aiden and then the camera focuses on his wristband and he says that he's infected and then we see the green light turn red so by looking at this I can see that he is actually in the first stage of being infected as we have seen in the other zombies if all the lights on your band are red that's when you become a zombie but here we can see he's actually in the first stage.

So he will have to go in a UV light or in sunlight to actually fix himself so for people wondering what exactly this wristband does well this is the explanation the developers have given so everyone in the city has to wear one as it shows the level of infection in your bloodstream if it's green then that person is safe if the flash is red then they may be at risk of turning.

Dying Light 2 Release Date - Review, gameplay, trailer, story, demo, news & everything you need to know - Dying Light 2 pre order

It does affect gameplay for example prolonged time spent in darkness reduces your immunity but you can use UV light to restore it so that was the explanation given so everyone has that wristband in the game that's why you see the zombies also have it because those are actually those survivors who have turned into a zombie.

What about the performance of Dying Light 2?

So now the thing I want to cover is a Techland have repeatedly stated that they're going to be aiming for a higher framerate on consoles when the developer basically pushes a game onto a console there you have a prioritize a resolution for the performance and what's really good here is the tech on never said okay we're making a fluid parkour zombie survival game what's most important to us and they've gone okay performance.

So basically what they're saying is that Dying Light 2 is gonna run at 60fps on consoles which I think is a great thing for the team they've said that they're gonna be aiming for 60fps on ps4 and Xbox one and if they can't do that then on Pierce Pro and Xbox One X the grated consoles is gonna be a hundred certainty so this is really good because Dying Light 2 is a game where fluidity of movement Mars and having a 60fps version of this game on the Enhanced consoles and maybe the normal consoles we'll have to see.

Dying Light 2 Release Date - Review, gameplay, trailer, story, demo, news & everything you need to know - Dying Light 2 pre order

But we're really good because everyone's gonna be smooth everyone's gonna be transitioning fast you're never gonna really step out the action never gonna feel an immersed and I think that's really important in a game like don't like to because it tries to surround you in a safe older wonder default of quests things to do people to see places to go and if it runs really smooth you're gonna be more immersed.

They also said they're gonna be prioritizing player choice and conversations that affects story. In the trailer we saw a good example of this where it showed the player interacting with some bandits over water tower and it basically said that the players could over kill the bandits and take over the water tower and give it to basically the enforcers peacekeepers and they take over and distribute it fairly to the people and so that be running water throughout the sea and the player could drink and then be fountains go in and everything or if you didn't call the bandits he could strike a decision with them.

Which basically meant that he could use the whole water tower as a kind of black market where people would have to pay for water there'd be no running war on street level have been no fountains no war fountains and as a result of this there wouldn't be any enforces as well so basically this means that the area will be overrun by bandits just going to steal the water from one another and fight with each other.

Dying Light 2 Features
  • New lands
  • Exploration
  • Brutal combat
  • Fight for survival
  • Co-op gameplay
  • Advanced dark zone
  • Freedom of movement
  • Sevral stages of infection
  • Your decisions affect the gameplay

Dying Light 2 Release Date - Review, gameplay, trailer, story, demo, news & everything you need to know - Dying Light 2 pre order

Dying Light 2 System Requirements (PC)

Minimum Requirements

  • OS: Windows 10 (64-Bit)
  • CPU: Intel Core i3-4160 (3.6 GHz) or AMD FX-6300
  • RAM: 8 GB 
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon R9 390 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (4 GB)
  • DirectX: Version 12 
  • Storage: 65 GB 

Recommended Requirements

  • OS: Windows 10 (64-Bit)
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K 4-Core (4.0 GHz) or AMD FX-9590
  • RAM: 16 GB 
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon R9 FURY X (4 GB) or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti (6 GB)
  • DirectX: Version 12 
  • Storage: 65 GB 

Dying Light 2 Price & Pre Order

You can Pre Order Dying Light 2:
                at       Xbox

                  at       Steam

  $59.99        at       Amazon

Final Words

As I said before, the bandits are going to steal the water from one another and with with each other. So I really think it shows the diversity in the quests and in the choices but the player can make and I think it will be interesting just to see how far tech line actually and if we actually end up with maybe more endings based on the choices you make. I think it's definitely possible given that Chris Avallone is working on the quest since he worked on the witch free in The Witcher free did have more endings I think it could happen if they decide to do it and it'll be interesting to see how the endings can kind of differ from one another.

So this was all about Dying Light 2: Release Date - Review, gameplay, trailer, story, demo, news & everything you need to know | Dying Light 2 pre order.

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