` Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories Game for PC Setup Download | GTA Liberty City Stories PC Setup Download | Direct Download Demo

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories Game for PC Setup Download | GTA Liberty City Stories PC Setup Download | Direct Download Demo

GTA Liberty City Stories Game

Grand Theft Auto GTA Liberty City Stories PC Setup Game Release Date

GTA Liberty City Stories PC Setup is an action adventure game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games, released on October 24, 2005.

You can play GTA Liberty City Stories on PC by installing Bluestacks Emulator.

Grand Theft Auto GTA Liberty City Stories Game For PC Setup Review

The three biggest Mafia families in Liberty City Antonia's task with keeping the Lyon family relevance in Liberty City by completing jobs nobody else can do and dealing with other people associated with the family whom you don't really trust Anthony it's over for guys like us what dinosaurs of all the returning characters rockstar could have used as a playable one for a future. Idol Tony was the right one he was never mentioned in the predecessors and can handle himself just fine thanks the return of Salvatore and Tony allows for GTA fans to immediately become familiar with Liberty City again along with Donald Love who plays a heavier role in the story as you assist him in his mayoral election how's the campaign it's down to the wire and every last votes gonna count even by City characters including Phil Cassidy and Avery Harrington make a cameo with Cassidy opening a heavy weapon shop south of Staunton Islands when you break it all down the plot is a lot more straightforward but whatever you do with the other characters affects the Lyon family and the events that lead to GTA 3 without any serious continuity errors.

Thing is you know how each GD a title or any Rockstar title for that matter has the main antagonists that you love to hate because that's how well written they are here it's not clear who the antagonist is jeez Tony Saul said you was Dom muscle but I didn't think anyone was that dumb you have a few characters that get on your skin but don't play a huge role it's like there's an antagonist on each Island do something you're going capade also it's easy to be distracted by returning characters in the gameplay itself but, the story is only a small percentage of the whole experience. One thing that continued to impress was the continuity no pun intended whenever there's a path road building or area that looks different from GTA 3 and LCS a lot of these are the results of Tony's actions for example there's one part of the tunnel that's only used for one mission but as you can see it's in the middle of construction and when you play GTA 3 it's complete almost like everything else.

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GTA Liberty City Stories Game

Though it is understandable to assume that maybe too many buildings are under construction at one time and it makes the city look like it's being built from nothing only a couple of decades of guard a planned city way ahead of schedule but aside from a half finished tunnel or a bridge with two small gaps the map road and story line structure are very similar there are markers scattered everywhere that trigger a mission and completing enough will unlock an island but the biggest difference is the in game map system, it was common in the GTA series by 2005 but there was no such thing in GTA 3 and it was a nightmare trying to reach the marker on a time limit without even realizing it's on another Island to not implement a map system in GTA liberty City Stories PC Setup would be absurd because it's not like you can carry a physical map with you all the time remember that this is a portable title unless he's a fool we'll work it out soon enough perhaps we should help him safe houses can only be unlocked when you enter another Island but you can walk inside and change your outfit which you'll have to do occasionally for a certain mission.

It's a Portable game having a fully fledged 3d Grand Theft Auto title to play on the go is brilliant and when you're using a new game engine and rebuilding Liberty City from scratch it's not going to be an easy transition especially if Rockstar not want the primary developers for handheld console not as powerful as the PlayStation 2 to create 95% of GTA 3. GTA Liberty City PC is technically impressive which is why things like texture pop-ins and brightness and corrections shouldn't draw you away from the game altogether. The controls by a full seconds staying true to the theft auto name vehicles are everywhere and can be driven stolen and enough damage comply them up but unlike GTA 3 you have motorbikes too which is handy because if you need to take down an enemy in a vehicle you can shoot it forwards in addition to sideways obviously the reason why there are bikes in GTA liberty City Stories PC GAME not GTA 3 it's because they weren't implemented in the 3d universe until Vice City but I like that there's a reason in game supposedly motorbikes were banned in Liberty City by 2001.

In GTA Liberty City Stories PC Setup you also have trains and Ferries but what's the point if driving to your intended location is faster it makes sense to have them because in this timeline the bridge is under construction repairs it's closed even if you can technically drive through it anyway point being I can beat this game having never used the train or ferry but if there's one vehicle I wish it had it's one that can fly because the only planes and helicopters you see here are piloted by others they should have at least implemented helicopters because the game designers worked it out by the time Vice City was released there's a huge trend going on here.

GTA Liberty City Stories Game

The gameplay mechanics are almost identical to GTA 3 you can't fly jump on ledges Crouch nor swim seriously what is GTA Liberty City's problem is the water secretly blue colored acid or did nobody learn to swim in an early age because it's not just you that can drown instantly it's frustrating because it would come in handy if you accidentally fall off the edge of a bridge or something the only thing about the controls that have been improved from GTA 3 is being able to rotate the camera which isn't as self explanatory as you'd expect with the PSP when you fire a weapon it locks the camera straight at the enemy and you can take down away Eve in a matter of seconds. However you can't crouch behind a cover spot to be fair what's the best control scheme the Crouch when playing this on the PSP but this makes it virtually impossible to avoid gunfire even a little bit and I recommend having full health and armor before every mission because all you're doing is moving and shooting enemies are more accurate than you and they can crouch on ledges or cars.

The controls are good enough to get what needs to be done and with the exception of one mission I never needed more than three attempts to complete them all but I don't understand why they didn't just copy the control elements from San Andreas and implement it into GTA Liberty City Stories Game for PC Setup at the very least they should have allowed you to swim and crouch I know the city wasn't designed for those controls in minds but I wouldn't be surprised if the initial plan was to make a PSP port of GTA 3. I guess you could say that Rockstar leads wanted to play a little bit safe because they never worked on a game this complex at the time Rockstar revolutionized video gaming in 2001 with Grand Theft Auto 3 and only four years later they were already making the same thing on a portable console like GTA 3 before if it worked the developers would have a better understanding of how the PSP hardware works and expand their skirt hence why they released vice city stories. 

There isn't much to say in terms of other things to do in GTA Liberty City Setup because the task required to complete 100% are very similar to GTA 3 including foreign booths street races unique stamp bonuses car collecting hidden items rampage tokens and community based missions sure dump trucks and pizza boy weren't in GTA 3 but they never made any further appearances in future GDA main series titles an obvious indication of what gamers thought of these. The farm booths aren't located on the map nor do you know what type of mission they trigger so make sure you save your progress before you answer the phone completing all the missions tasks and finding the hidden items cars etc 100% while unlock weapons outside the safe house just like the predecessors and a Reyn are it's safe to assume you won't be able to 100% complete this game with one full charge of battery but you can get a lot of excitement from the realization of being in the city without rules with one full charge of battery apart from the slowdown and additional weapons. Rampaging feels exactly like GTA 3 from The Wanted system the aggression of the police like every GTA title that came before or after a rampaging never gets boring and almost makes you forget that it's running at ten to 20 frames per second it will always be the best thing about grand theft auto survival and action beyond outlandish back in 2005.

Grand Theft Auto GTA Liberty City Stories PC Setup Game Features
  • Good storyline 
  • New adventures
  • Good visuals
  • Bikes and cars
  • Warm environments

GTA Liberty City Stories Game

Grand Theft Auto GTA Liberty City Stories PC Setup Game Price

GTA Liberty City Stories price is round about $10.

Final Words

GTA liberty City Stories PC Setup was the equivalent of a slightly compromised part of Grand Theft Auto four or even five on the PlayStation Vita without the use of remote play because back then three Vice City and san andreas' were the latest titles in the main series you have this one that comes close to the predecessors and you have the convenience of taking it wherever you've got. It's a shame we don't have other GBA tiles released for the Nintendo switch 3GS or PS Vita sure these three came out for the mobile but it would be better to play these on dedicated handheld consoles because they'd be easier to control.

One of the reasons you bought one it deserved all the praise and success that got back in 2005 refitted Tony whatever but like the rest of the 3d universe titles it's really showing its age the biggest problem is that slowdown I wasn't able to enjoy this game as much as I could have and it ruins what is otherwise a solid entry in the GTA series like I don't want to come back to it the same way I would with gta3 I would only recommend this if you really really want to experience Liberty City on the go the best version again would be the marble because the slowdown is eliminated but don't get the PlayStation 2 version you might as well play GTA 3 instead GTA liberty City Stories PC Setup was another great example of rockstars town on a new console.

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