` Grand Theft Auto Vice City GTA PC Game - An Action Adventure Game By Rockstar

Grand Theft Auto Vice City GTA PC Game - An Action Adventure Game By Rockstar

 Grand Theft Auto Vice City GTA PC Game - A Game By Rockstar

Grand Theft Auto Vice City GTA PC Game Release Date

GTA Vice City PC Game is an action adventure game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games, released on October 27, 2002.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City GTA Game - For PC Reviews

In GTA Vice City you play as tommy resetti a sort of hitman who is released from prison after a long time he tries to pick up the game because he got a sort of offer from the guys above him and the drug deal basically gone wrong that had got stolen or got snitched or don't know what happened but their deal got wrong the drugs got stolen the money is gone and Tommy tries to seek out who is responsible and I mean while he's doing that he's fixing other people our mission and trying to gain his own Empire know by buying buildings and collecting stuff. You get stronger and you get more money so that is what story is value playing the sort of fictional city sort of Miami it's called Vice City.

 Grand Theft Auto Vice City GTA PC Game - A Game By Rockstar

 This is game from over a decade ago and they remaster it for the ps4 and first play through was not really happy because got a glitch where couldn't do the next mission, couldn't pick up rampages, couldn't pick up guns, couldn't buy guns so was not really happy almost completed the game and had to redo the whole game. Didn't even use cheats so I wonder what would happen if you use cheat it probably would be even worse so the glitches and bugs in this game are real the coding is just pretty bad people jumping in other cars driving over your objectives like hero. I was doing the pizza mission and multiple times random car drivers ran over my customers also the same with my ambulance mission where you have to pick up injured people and which is random cars driving them over and out was just really frustrating this is when the game crashed on me my safe dead I got corrupted and I had to get my backup file luckily I just backed up my ps4 like a few hours before it happened else I would have lost a lot of progress but it just has a lot of bugs glitches the coding is just mediocre to save tests I know it's old games but still you would have taken when you remaster a game and put it on ps4 store you would at least check out some coatings maybe fix some minor things patches you know but they didn't do anything about fixing stuff.

So yeah also the running seems kind of strange in this game you I think run at 200% or something it looks kind of crazy so those are the things that are pretty bad and really annoyed me I'm sorry for that but there were things that bothered me a lot the game itself is however pretty good it's just fun to play it doesn't look too great however 1080 HD it looks okay it looks it part for a remaster it's cool it's worth spending 6 bucks you can do of course a lot of challenges missions however some of the acting kind of mediocre I have to say they will make you laugh you know I have the smile on your face because you know the acting is kind of bad but that's of course because it's a numb yeah.

 Grand Theft Auto Vice City GTA PC Game - A Game By Rockstar

You know on older GTA you can do of course other side missions you know with your property you can buy while you're in the game certain properties like the ice cream factory or the sunshine autos dealer and of course a Malibu clapping some others and you can basically expand your businesses do missions in those properties and gain more money while Otto collects money for you and you can pick it up every now and then and it has some money for you so you can get a pretty cool money from that and you know get richer and richer and buy more guns so that is pretty cool it has just not only the missions but it has some side missions. You can do of course the unique stunts that are all hidden over the place the hidden packages and some other cool stuff like the rampages so I like those you also get a few telephone payphone assassination contracts pretty cool five of them I think totally but nothing special so far so just overall good game its playable.

However the bugs and glitches really hold it back and really makes me want to give it a bad bad rating but I really have to say I enjoyed its fun picking up if you don't mind getting a glitch or bug or getting some bullshit in your game check it out. I didn't have any problems with the side or the stretched pixels but some people have some people just can't watch it at all they get kind of dizzy and you know all kinds of crazy stuff I've read but I didn't have those issues so that was review guys it was just a pretty good game it's fun to play it gets those old memories back and that's one of the reasons most people pick it up. 

Grand Theft Auto Vice City GTA PC Game Features
  • Exploration 
  • Huge open world
  • Good Graphics
  • Multilevel gaming environments 
  • Action adventure
  • A lot of vehicles
  • Wide freedom of movement 
  • Improved gameplay

 Grand Theft Auto Vice City GTA PC Game - A Game By Rockstar

Grand Theft Auto Vice City GTA PC Game System Requirements

Recommended Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP/7
  • CPU: Intel Pentium III (1.13 Ghz) or AMD Athlon XP 1900+
  • RAM: 128 MB 
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon 9200 Series or NVIDIA GeForce 2 MX (64 MB)
  • DirectX: Version 9 
  • Storage: 1 GB 

Grand Theft Auto Vice City GTA PC Game Price

GTA Vice City price is round about $10.

Final Words

If you just want to complete the game because you never finished it before or you want to try to get the platinum trophy however the platinum trophy is kinda hard for this game I want to recommend bunnies came solely for the planning trophy because it takes a lot of grinding I have to admit so I want to give this game a good number but I really can't good rating is kind of opinion to be honest because it has so many bugs and roaches the acting is whatever the name is the quality of the game is not really good overall they could have made it better with some easy patches and fixes so in the current state without the bugs glitches issues etc it's an 8 out of 10 with the bugs and glitches and stuff like that. When you do the missions like in a sort of left or right way I don't know it's kind of hard to explain but it seems like the missions have to do a lot with the bugs and glitches like if you do the missions in the wrong order it kind of can rubbish up the game you have to restart the shit on the PS swarm so the six out of ten in scorn state and eight out of ten if the bugs glitches and stuff will be fixed.

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