` Grand Theft Auto San Andreas GTA PC Game - An Action Adventure Game

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas GTA PC Game - An Action Adventure Game

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas GTA PC Game - An Action Adventure Game

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas GTA PC Game Release Date

GTA San Andreas PC Game is an action adventure game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games, released on October 26, 2004.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas GTA Game For PC Review

In GTA San Andreas you play as Carl Johnson he's not mute and arguably not psychopathic but one thing I doubt anyone would argue against is that he's certainly a monster the game starts off with him returning the GTA san andreas after spending five years in Liberty City he returns to bury his mother who has recently been deceased he gets arrested because and the police drop him off in a rival gangs territory and after that we're free to do whatever we want and by do ever we want. Actually you can do more than just the first thing. You get the infinite sprint the only downside to this is that kind of takes the fun app leveling up your stamina staff oh yeah that's another new feature stats there are dozens upon dozens of stats but the ones you'll be focusing on the most or the following respect which is upgrade through completing missions and killing grow streets or CJ's gangs enemies the more respect you add the more gang members.

You can recruit weapons skill what you get by shooting things I found the easiest way you level this up to be shooting parked cars and random parking lot and remember after the car lights on fire walk away cool guys don't look at explosions then there's vehicle skill and I really like this feature remember my advice to you review how I complained about getting knocked off bikes too easily well they fixed that here when you drive around on a motorcycle long enough your skill for it goes up and you get flung from it less often this is perfect I wouldn't change a thing next is stamina which is useless once you do that for mention burglary mission muscle which you get by working out at the gym or simply running around your choice it makes your physical attacks significantly stronger and the last step that I'm going to talk about for now is fat what you get by eating but if you eat too much you'll be College morbidly obese you may ask why you'd want to make CJ Pat since all it seems to do is slow them down and make it harder from the climb.

There are actually two reasons to keep his bad up though one is that you need to have at least a little fat or else he'll start losing muscle and two is that he says really funny things when he's obese that's another thing I'd like to bring up well Tommy Vercetti was a vocal protagonist he wasn't really code to talk that much outside of cutscenes and only did so occasionally but with CJ they have him as a lot more outspoken and he says some really funny things another thing is that CJ has a bit more personality than Tommy Vercetti Tommy bursae wasn't exactly a blank slate but for the most part he's what I imagined Claude would be like if he could talk Carl's also the first protagonist who can swim in order to prevent the player from entering an area before completing required missions Claude and Tommy would drown the minute they entered water and this became a major problem when you had to get somewhere in the water that could be accessed by a bridge since you couldn't even touch the water here.

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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas GTA PC Game - An Action Adventure Game

If you think you're going to get anywhere just sprinting even with the infant's stamina the only modes of transportation are the ones brought over from previous games and a couple new ones the first new one is the plane which is really tricky to learn how to fly it's kind of hard to get off the ground correctly even if you do know what you're doing it's also nearly impossible to land unless you have a huge open area to land on so I end up parachuting out of it most of the time the second was the jet pack and I really liked it you have all the mobility you would have on foot and you can fly it makes collecting things a lot easier the only downside is that while it's faster than running it's still not as fast as a plane it also kind of sucks that it's only available from one place in the entire game it's only available out there the mission green goo you can also fly using a local airport but there are only three of them on the map and you'd have to travel all the way of them.

Now let's talk about the characters I don't think they're really as memorable as the ones from Vice City but they're pretty decent I guess four stars are the Grove Street oh geez they're written pretty well they're given the personalities ago black dudes but never feels like they're trying to beat you over the head with the fact that they're black and they are distinguishable it feels like an improvement over their first attempt yo I'm so black man another noteworthy character that I'd like to talk about here is oh jee loke his stories basically they wants to be a gangster rapper but he's simply not cut out for it I honestly feel sorry for them one character I can almost assure you that you're not going to forget is officer ten thing a rather corrupt cop who's voiced by these samuel l.jackson yeah that samuel l.jackson we also get a lot of returning characters from Vice City and three hey look it's Claude or as CJ likes to call them you I'm gonna play that from now on why I talk about mute protagonist and what do you know it's Ken Rosenberg and then it's going a the only character who I would say was unmemorable but I still remember as Mike Torino I only remember him because of this one line now I'd like to talk about hostile gangs again GTA 3 had them wisely improved on them but GTA san andreas is the first game to get it right the two hostile gangs in this game are the bolas and the Vagos so why do they work for one thing they're mostly hostile at the beginning.

So it doesn't feel like the game is punishing you for completing missions more importantly they don't always immediately start shooing at you when you enter their field of gravity but most importantly they actually give you a way to fight back between the missions Doberman and the green Sabre as well as after the mission homecoming you'll be given the ability to initiate gang wars if you successfully take out three waves of enemies you'll take over their territory once you take over every last bit of territory all the hostiles will be wiped off the streets and you won't have to worry about them this is a major step up from how the previous two games handle it although I do feel that the turf war system could have been handled a bit better basically to initiate gang war you have to enter an enemy's gang torii and kill at least three enemy gang members interestingly enough it doesn't even have to be the enemy king that owns the turf you can kill three Vagos in star war with follows and vice versa.

Main problem with this is that starring a war can be somewhat tricky you have to actually be standing within the territory you don't own not just near it you have to be within it another catch is when you can't find any hostile gang members to kill if there aren't at least three gang members nearby you're out of luck and then there's the process of taking over land like I said before you have to take out three waves of enemies and while doing this you can't leave the area at least not for too long and this proves to be a problem is sometimes your enemies are far away from the battlefield and their crappy AI sometimes prove detrimental to your ability to dispatch of them another problem is with the feeding enemies you often find yourself heavily outnumbered if there are enough of them it I'm wrong bringing from full help to waste it within a few seconds fortunately you can recruit members of your own gang to help you out they're kind of like the bodyguards you can hire after completing Vice City and the game seems to expect you to do this but it proves to be troublesome for the following reasons one being that you can only recruit up to seven of them and that's only if you have max respect to is that their AI is kind of crappy you'll find that this game has a pretty bad case of a I rang into wall syndrome or as I like to call it another thing is then or the star war you need to kill three gang members and having your homies take them out for you hinders your ability to do so lastly if you accidentally shoot an ally in crossfire you suffer a respect penalty so overall I can't recommend using this feature regardless of how cool it is.

 The cops once again they have never heard of self defense and will target you and only you not to mention they're almost always seems to be at least one cop around when you're trying to start a war now if it's brought to my attention that one tribe gets an unfair advantage over another that truly troubles me cough how about you start by getting your buddies to quit picking on me the last problem I have with is that enemies can try to take over your territory as well which makes sense but it's also extremely tedious and you have to stop whatever you're doing you drive all the way down to protect your land. I'd also recommend not trying to take over all the land before the mission green Sabre since you're just going to end up having to reclaim it all anyway so unless you're trying to earn a piss ton of respect you're better off playing until one positive thing I definitely want to mention is that while the gang territory features active it generates money that you can collect at CJ's house and the more land you take over the more money it generates I really like this because it makes taking over territory feel even more rewarding.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas GTA PC Game - An Action Adventure Game

I want to discuss assets assets are a feature that started in Vicey and luckily make a return here unlike in Vicey though they're not required for the storyline missions but they are required for a hundred percent completion they also range a lot more for example the assets that you have to earn by completing deliveries similar the pizza boy missions I see there are three of these assets one for each island then there are some assets that have to be earned by completing various side missions one in particular haunts players to this day I actually didn't have that much trouble with this mission to be honest the only downside is that the assets here don't really generate all that much and like I said before the map is so huge that I couldn't really find the time to collect from them that often the last two games had you collecting him packages which once you collect a ten you get a new weapon delivered to some of your main hideouts this game sort of changes that up a bit instead of a hundred in packages we have 100 tags found in Los Santos 50 snapshots in San Fierro that the horseshoes in lost interest and 50 oysters found in watery areas around all three islands.

Once you complete each collectible other than the oysters you'll have four weapons delivered to one the selected hideouts on each Island I like this more than the hen packages in gta3 but not as much as the packages in sight see because the way it was set up in Vice City you could get a flamethrower before you even had to unlock the second Iowan which I thought was pretty cool you don't really get too much in terms of high-end weaponry like the minigun even if you collect all of them sadly but you do get one step closer to completion I think probably my biggest criticism is that this game is significantly less polished than the previous two I experienced quite a bit of crashing especially near the end of the game this wouldn't bother me too much but they released a patch that removed songs from the game a while back do you think they'd be able to release something that could fix some of these glitches.

Now let's talk about my favorite and least favorite missions I think my least favorite missions would be beat down on beat up and grow for life my reason for disliking these is that they take the harshest aspects of the gang warfare feature and blow them up tenfold by giving the ball is extremely powerful weaponry it'd be kind of hard to name my favourite mission since there are so many and they all have you doing several different things but I think I'd like to talk about black project basically for this mission you're told enter area 69 and steal a jet pack your advice to sneak around in order to avoid detection but if you are detected you'll have to resort to less subtle methods I like how the mission doesn't immediately fail you just because you ain't completed the way you are expected to that's one thing I really like seeing in GTA missions giving the player freedom to complete a mission the way they want to after all this is a game that most people play for the sense of freedom that they get one more thing.
I wanted to touch upon is the exports and imports feature import export SAR nothing new to the game they were in GTA 3 and vice e as well basically what would happen is you collect a car drive it to be exported and you get a reward for it and after you collected all of them you'd get a bigger reward Santa and Ray has made several changes to the system here some that I like others that I did one of the changes that I did like was that when you enter an eligible car it'll actually notify you something that I would greatly appreciated in the previous two installments and I'm glad to see here another benefit too is that unlike the last two games where you had to roam around till you got lucky enough to find the right vehicle this game always has each car available at least one area as long as it's needed for exporting.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas GTA PC Game Features
  • Big map
  • Largest GTA environment 
  • A lot of vehicles
  • Improved combat framework
  • Good graphics
  • Large open world

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas GTA PC Game - An Action Adventure Game

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas GTA PC Game System Requirements

Recommended Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP/7
  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 (1.8 GHz) or AMD Athlon XP 1800+
  • RAM: 384 MB 
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon 9500 Pro or NVIDIA GeForce 6600
  • DirectX: Version 9
  • Storage: 4.7 GB 

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas GTA PC Game Price

GTA San Andreas price is round about 12$.

Final Words

There are times where you'll be unable detect any damage and this game is really glitchy but one of the glitches I experienced was after I tried to store a car to get repaired I opened the garage to find out it disappeared but apparently it still counted as a store vehicle so my garage that used to be able to hold four vehicles can now only hold three which really is crap so it took me a while and I mean quite a while but I finally managed to complete this game 100%. Let's talk about what you get for a hundred percent completion just like in vice city you get double vehicle strength and unlimited ammo you also get a crapload of money a tank delivered to the bridge near CJ's house in the jail on top of his brother's house although they don't really give you a clear way to get through it so that was GTA San Andreas. There are still things that bother like I said this game crashes a lot and they oughta fix that but overall I'd say this game is definitely a grand improvement. 

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