` Batman Arkham City PC Game - An Action Adventure Game

Batman Arkham City PC Game - An Action Adventure Game

Batman Arkham City PC Game - An Action Adventure Game

Batman Arkham City PC Game Release Date

Batman Arkham City PC Game is an action adventure game developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by Warner Bros, released on October 11, 2018.

Batman Arkham City Game For PC Review

The story throughout Batman Arkham City is fantastic it hooked me right from the very beginning of the game and held my interest throughout its entirety the sense of mystery and the resulting intrigue is enough to keep you playing for hours and the character development was great and thus I found myself genuinely caring about and empathizing for the Dark Knight and even the Joker to an extent who of course returns as Batman's primary nuisance drove the college never heard of it as well as the Joker. There are several other well known Gotham villains serving a role in either the overarching plot or the dozen side quests and associated subplots sprinkled throughout the city for the most part. Each villain has been implemented into the narrative excellently and they therefore feel like an essential part of the story rather than meaningless filler that being said there were some villains that could have been more fleshed out some significant Batman villains had appearances that were no more than minor cameos and it would have been great to see and learn more about them take two face for example granted this is only a minor complaint as I can understand that they may not have worked well enough into the story and minor setbacks aside Arkham City story is truly an engrossing tale.

Batman Arkham Asylum contains a great blend of sandbox feedom up puzzle solving platforming and stealth action game types you were literally given the entire city to explore right from the very beginning and actually progress through the game you are able to undergo a variety of side missions at your leisure the story missions themselves are varied unique and most importantly enjoyable and the same can be said about pretty much all of the side missions due to the variety across mission types both story and side. Well clear of becoming even mildly repetitive of course as affer mentioned when you're not undergoing any particular quests you have an entire city to explore this to me is where the game really now the feeling of being in the suit of the Dark Knight through our Arkham City there are crimes in progress to prevent hapless thugs to beat up on Riddler trophies to find riddles to solve and key locations to explore getting around is also a treat thanks to Batman's improved gliding abilities not only can you glide through the areas you could in the first installment but now Batman can dive towards the ground that extreme speeds are the slamming into enemies below or pulling up and using the gained momentum to hastily move around the city combine that with a long range grappling zipline and you'll soon find yourself covering the entire length of the city without even touching the ground right from the start.

Batman Arkham City PC Game - An Action Adventure Game

Batman is pretty much all of the gadgets that players acquired from Arkham Asylum and as the game progresses more become available that can be used not only in platforming navigation and puzzle solving but also in combat and stealth situations as well and when it's time to throw down Arkham City delivers with the same excellent combat system used in Arkham Asylum with a bunch of improvements to boot Batman fights a lot more aggressively this time around utilizing some impressive special moves the ability to counter attack multiple enemies at once and he even breaks a few bones Batman can also seamlessly use many of his acquired gadgets offensively in the midst of a fight through the implementation of an easy to use hotkeys system while timing your attacks well reading your enemy's movements and using gadgets like explosive gel the bat claw and Batarang strategically you'll soon be raking in those extremely satisfying 40 hit Calm and devilishly smiling when you stumble into a room full of thugs to make things more challenging.

Batman Arkham City gameplay contains a variety of enemy types that Batman will face as the game progresses thugs with shields knives tasers broken bottles and firearms will be thrown into the mix as well as goons with body armor and larger enemies that will take a lot more punishment before going down the variety of enemies together with the variety of attacks and gadget combinations means that you'll be continuously forced to stay on your toes and change up your strategy making nearly every fight different of course when a full frontal assault is suicide that's when the game stealth kicks in and as in the previous installment Batman can completely clear a room of armed enemies without even being seen except this time round Batman has a significantly higher number of cool take downs in his arsenal these include but aren't limited to double take downs ledge take downs wall take downs, take downs from above and many more like in other stealth action games, the take downs are incredibly satisfying to perform and make you feel like the predator that Batman can be and as in combat Batman can utilize a variety of acquired gadgets to assist him in being just that predator various gadgets can be strategically used to knock down or disorient a enemies as well as lure them to desired locations all in all the predator segments scattered throughout Batman Arkham City walkthrough were fantastic and my only complaint is that many of the cooler take downs are noisy and therefore once used they'll attract attention and alert enemies to your presence this can be frustrating when you're trying to be discreet.

Batman Arkham City PC Game - An Action Adventure Game

There are several boss battles that players will face throughout Batman Arkham City and each of them is unique lengthy and enjoyable however a few of them actually proved to be much of a challenge and I found myself managing to defeat each one without the need for trial and error never really having to try more than once however despite this I will stand by the fact that each boss battle was very clearly thought out and very cleverly put together as players progressed throughout the game XP is accumulated which can be spent to acquire upgrades such as damage resistance special moves and gadget upgrades there are a significantly larger amount of upgrades players can choose from than in Arkham Asylum and they seem to appeal to different playstyles and skill levels detective Moe has also been implemented once again allowing place to keep track of enemy's vantage point hidden passageways and items although in Arkham City I found myself using it less than I did in Arkham Asylum I would use it to locate enemies etc but then switch it back to regular vision so that I could see what directions enemies were facing as well as any environmental objects that were breaking an enemy's line of sight clearly the developers intended for players to use both types of visions strategically to plan their movements and by taking this route players don't spend 75% of their playthroughs in Detective Mode and are actually able to appreciate the game's visuals in art style.

A new mode called new game+ becomes available to players in a nutshell it allows the player to replay the game beginning to end with all the previously acquired upgrades intact the mode also ups the challenge by throwing every enemy variety at you from the very beginning making them tougher to take down and removing the counter indicator as well making the game harder in every aspect as well as new game plus the Riddler's revenge mode allows players to undergo rank challenges involving combat or stealth within a range of locations taken from the story mode players can rack up high scores via lengthy and varied fighting combos or discreetly clear a room as quickly as possible and then compare how they went against other gamers via online leaderboards adding a bit of a competitive aspect and if you feel in game you can also tackle Riddler campaigns which are essentially a variety of back to back challenges except in each one you need to select a modifier which may either things easier or significantly harder some modifiers include less health tougher enemies no counter indicator regenerating health one hit chaos and more and the fun in this feature is that you need to evaluate the modifies you have available and tactically apply each one in each challenge bearing in mind that you can only use a modifier once all of these post game features add on a stack of plates onto an already lengthy story campaign and when you add everything together you have a game that will have you playing for hours and hours likely across weeks and weeks. So this was all that we discussed in this Batman Arkham City Review.

Batman Arkham City PC Game Features
  • Epic Batman experience 
  • Good story
  • Advanced combat framework
  • New gadgets
  • Full of action adventure
  • Explore city
  • Good visual presentation

Batman Arkham City PC Game - An Action Adventure Game

Batman Arkham City PC Game System Requirements

Minimum requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/7
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E4600 (2.4 GHz) or AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4800+
  • RAM: 2 GB 
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 5450 (256 MB) or NVIDIA GeForce 315 (512 MB)
  • DirectX: Version
  • Storage: 18 GB

Recommended Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP/7
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8190 (2.66 GHz) or AMD Athlon II X4 6400e
  • RAM: 4 GB 
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6790 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 (768 MB)
  • DirectX: Version
  • Storage: 18 GB

Batman Arkham City PC Game Price

Batman Arkham City price is round about 20$.

Final Words

The visual presentation throughout Arkham City is fantastic featuring great attention to detail across the board the environments are simply stunning and really conveyed that dark and ominous atmosphere of not only the city but the entire game as a whole Arkham City includes several well-known locations of Gotham that many fans of the dark night will recognize it's clear that the world of this game has been created by people who are passionate about the source material and the resulting level of detail encourages exploration not only are the environments great but the model detail of every character is brilliant. The game's animation is also awesome which is especially noticeable in combat and the frame rate always ran smoothly the only issues came across with a slightly longest load times upon death some rare texture Poppins and the game actually froze up on me twice requiring  to restart console. However, this game has so much good crammed into it that players can almost completely disregard the minor flaws, this game is what every sequel should be and with an engrossing story unbelievably good gameplay and a stunning visual presentation.

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