` Need for Speed Most Wanted NFS PC Game

Need for Speed Most Wanted NFS PC Game

Need for Speed Most Wanted PC Game

Need for Speed Most Wanted NFS PC Game Release Date

Need for Speed Most Wanted is a racing game developed by EA Canada and published by Electronics Arts, released on November 11, 2005.

Need for Speed Most Wanted NFS For PC Review

Need for Speed Most Wanted is a bit different than the previous games in that although there's a racing to be had there's much more emphasis on the police chases than your normal competition. In fact there's a plot in the game and where you are actively encouraged to increase the hatred level the police have for you. You place yourself a guy who's trying to get his name into the popular street racing circuit you're given a few introductory races to get used to your vehicle a mini challenge guy named Razer of course things don't go as planned your new friend. It gives you a call halfway through the race letting you know that there was a pool of liquid where your cart originally started and soon after this you here and then a scene that's a good sound and your car is toast so you lose the race and picks up to your vehicle and Razer it's common knowledge that you cheated and now it's up to you to grab a new car.

Once you get out of jail and work your way up the ranks to challenge them in a rematch in order to do this you're introduced to the blacklist this is a checklist of 15 racers that you must challenge one on one after certain requirements are met and only once you defeat the one in fair racing can you take on the next the higher and rank you get the more difficult. The requirements are of course number one on the blacklist is Razer so he's the one you're ultimately gunning for all this is told to you and some truly odd cut scenes they feature live actors against still pictures which look I don't know if it's good but I guess they do the job the act is over the top. The other blacklist members are tools as well it's always satisfying a win against them and move on up so from the start you get to purchase one of four low level cars every time.

There are several different race types you can partake in and each one can be accessed by either going through a menu or even more fun driving to the start point in the open world that's right Rock pro allows you to freely drive where you want this because there's a few other things that you can do in the world other than race but first the race events there's a standard circuits and points point races. There are also drag races where you go as fast as possible and time to shift and gain the upper hand thankfully there's not a lot of these but I never really cared for them.

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Need for Speed Most Wanted PC Game

There's a few other types to wipe knockout is the same as circuit racing but after every lap the person last risk is eliminated tool booth races are basically a sprint where each Tollbooth is checkpoint you have a limited time to reach it and by reaching one more time is added cut it feels like the old arcade style racing games like cruising you're saying stuff like that. There's also something called speed trap which has a similar checkpoint system but the goal isn't necessarily to finish it first but instead to hit the checkpoint going as fast as you possibly can this meat basically becomes your score and when the first racer crosses the finish line everyone else's speed tolls will decrease somewhat rapidly highest speed total wins it's a fun race type. You're always stacked up against faster cars so you really need to rely on your constantly regenerating nitro and make sure that you use it effectively.

When it's time to race the blackness member that you're going up against they're gonna text you on a singular device yeah that's a throwback each of these challenge races are only against that blacklist number so essentially every one of these races are one on one and each blacklist member has its own set of racist and challenge you against again once you reach these and complete both of them in first which is the only way to succeed in any of the races in the game you moved on to the next blackest member in between races and chases you can opt to mod your vehicle or purchase new ones by driving in garages and auto shops.

In NFS Most Wanted, there's also various safe houses that you can stop at to change your vehicle your rap sheet or quit the game there's a bit over 30 vehicles available in the shop and many parts available in the body shops. After completing blacklist races you'll unlock more visual elements and higher upgrades and to your performance these will cost money and you'll probably run low at one point so you can feel free to sell any vehicles that you might not need anymore after every win and rank up on the black list you'll want ahead here to see how you can upgrade your vehicle the other thing you'll be able to do driving around is the other main part of the game police chases see every blacklist member it requires you to complete a certain amount of races enough bounty milestones which are primarily involved in chases and finally raise your bounty level to a specific amount this essentially amounts to needing to piss off the local law enforcement. You can cause general mayhem again officer to your location where you can immediately jump into a chase within the blacklist menu at all times a radar detector will be shown at the top of the screen flashing yellow whatever speed trap is near or green when there's an officer in your vicinity. Once a chase begins you need to get enough distance to max out the evasion meter on the bottom of the screen and then finally hide for long a period of time for the police to call off the chase.

Need for Speed Most Wanted PC Game

There are multiple heat levels signified by the plan on the left side of the screen obviously the higher this goes the more attention you'll get bringing roadblocks spike strips and helicopters these chases are up the last because the more chaos you caused more notoriety you get which means the closer you'll get to the next blacklist never but what are you aiming for in these chases well that depends on the blacklist member that you're trying to knock down a few pegs belly is obtained by the destroy objects and cruisers driving erratically and dragging the chase on but other milestones being tagging or simply striking police vehicles enough criminal infractions evading or dragging the chains on for a specific number of time going through a roadblock and so on all of your milestones will be shown on the screen.

During chases she'll know exactly what you need to do and how far away from those goals if you get busted all hope is not lost you have to pay your fines which might be hefty if you were a little Hellion you also get a strike on your car three strikes and vehicle isn't counted for good which kind of sucks if you don't have the cash to buy a new one no here's the thing if you're in a pinch you can lower your wanted level by completing races and other vehicles any cars that might be in your garage slash safe house will start getting decreasing the level so why started doing was using one vehicle for races and another reliable car for chases.

It's allowed me in quickly getting a higher ph chase to increase the bounty a bit faster it worked for me but maybe you'd want to eat steamed corn each time although you will need to upgrade at some point so don't get too attached but to help believe me it's the cost of a new car there are cute bonuses that you might get defeating a rivals what's a blacklist member losses against you we have to choose two of six possible markers why they're called markers I really don't know but anyway three of the markers are always the same a unique visual performance or body part but the other three choices can be a bunch of different things. You can earn get out of jail free cards extra impound strikes to prevent your car from getting destroyed cold hard cash and the best outcome the pink slip to the vehicle you just raced against these vehicles you take can be upgraded more as well so don't think that just because you got something with a better paint job than your own that you can't make it better but if you do miss this and don't get the pink slip in your attempts you can't go back and get it unless you reload of course.

Need for Speed Most Wanted NFS PC Game Features
  • Race against best racers
  • Show stunts and skills
  • New customization options
  • Traffic environment
  • Open world
  • Good visuals
  • Thrilling
  • A lot of different cars
  • Different modes

Need for Speed Most Wanted PC Game

Need for Speed Most Wanted NFS PC Game System Requirements

Recommended requirements
  • OS: Windows XP/7/10
  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 (1.6 GHz) or AMD Athlon XP 1600+
  • RAM: 256 MB 
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon 9000 Series (64 MB) or NVIDIA GeForce 6600
  • DirectX: Version 9
  • Storage: 3 GB 

Need for Speed Most Wanted NFS PC Game Price

Need for Speed Most Wanted price is round about $30.

Final Words

The graphics of the game are simply phenomenal even today the world is entirely believable and the cars all have a realistic level of detail to them it doesn't look like age today and I'm perfectly fine with that even coming back to the game now it doesn't feel it like it's a game from around 2005. I also checked the the ps2 version and it wasn't nearly as polished visually as PC version so I definitely say go for PC. The game is fantastic and I can only say that I highly recommend it find a copy if possible enjoy the adrenaline inducing races and the stressful chases it's a lengthy game as well so you probably won't complete it in a weekend but again I highly recommend it final score 10 out of 10.

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