` Need for Speed Carbon NFS PC Game

Need for Speed Carbon NFS PC Game

Need for Speed Carbon PC Game

Need for Speed Carbon NFS PC Game Release Date

Need for Speed Carbon is a racing game developed by EA Black Box and published by Electronics Arts, released on October 30, 2006.

Need for Speed Carbon NFS For PC Review

This game NFS Carbon is a direct sequel to Most Wanted which is the best selling title in the series and was developed by EA Canada. The game is graphically good for its time but has an odd framerate when you're at a standstill it runs at 60 frames per second but when you're moving it's at 30. The cutscenes are live actions with a filter over them to make it look like the game graphics but the in game cutscenes are all 3d models instead. The motion capture is done pretty well but I think it's because it's done in a limited fashion.

As for gameplay it's a racing game your goal is to pretty much drive as fast as you can and come in first however this is a street racing game where you're in a city so you have other cars and stuff in the way to worry about because they're going to be obstacles in your way. Each car has their own top speed acceleration and handling and as you win races you gain more money which you can use to buy new cars that you unlock or you can put work into your existing cars to improve their stats. 

You can pretty much customize everything the first guy you hire to be part of your crew can do Auto sculpting allowing you to change the appearance of aftermarket body kits first time this game had a lot of customization it was deep and intuitive and you unlocked everything as you went through the game or you could just pay to unlock everything. The first few hours of the game can be very brutal especially if you choose the wrong car at the beginning when given your choice muscle cars have good acceleration exotics have good top speed while tuners have good handling. 

You really need to choose your races wisely to make sure you get the money you need to improve your car and to get better cars otherwise you're going to come and last each time I found the difficulty in the beginning of the game to be greatly shifted in the computer's favor especially if you choose manual transmission the car is much slower and activating drift time while having a manual nearly guarantee a loss all you need to do to shift is to flick the right analog stick up or down so it's not hard it's just that the car is noticeably slower switching the automatic will alleviate this problem making the car much faster

Need for Speed Carbon PC Game

I suggest that you pick up a tier 3 car as soon as you possibly can specifically a tier 3 tuner car because it'll help you get through the more difficult beginning section otherwise you're just spinning your wheels which is odd you can evade the police no problem in a tier 1 car but racing is harder and it's here three but evading the police is a lot harder but even if you don't pay to unlock anything by the halfway point you'll have enough cash cars of upgrades Racing's a breeze because this is a street racing game of course there's going to be cops that follow you and Most Wanted the police were really aggressive it's been toned down in this one but they do get more aggressive and intelligent to the point where you've just almost evaded them and boom there, they are and the chase continues they'll set up roadblocks and spike strips I'm not sure what other tactics they have because I've never seen that much more beyond spike strips roadblocks and faster pursuit cars and the more you use a car and are chased by the police the higher the heat meaning you'll be spotted a lot easier and the police will chase after you in a more aggressive manner.

Not driving the car for a while or changing up its appearance will lower the heat on it if you get caught your cars impounded you can only have it impounded three times before you lose it for good and have to buy and start over. However it's not that big a deal as you'll get a lot of money really quick if you're low on cash when a few races with another car and you'll get your ace car back you can slow the cops down by driving into things on the side of the road to cost damage or civilian cars as a police will stop to help them instead of chasing after you and you can get into hiding spots to fill up the cool down meter faster. I found the police chases to be the best part of the game they provide the real challenge the racers just follow the truck mindlessly but the police use a lot of tactics to stop you so you need to out thank them a roadblock in your way either pull a quick u turn or go through a gap they left are they on your sides or in front of you slam on those brakes and turn around.

Need for Speed Carbon PC Game

The cop chases are so much fun the more races you win in the controlled territories than where the bosses will notice and eventually you'll race against them. The boss stages are in canyon battles were similar to initial but you can fall off the edge when and you get full control over that area you'll also have to defend an area when challenged if you don't accept you lose control of that area this can be a pain as it happens randomly I defended my territory successfully then the cops chase after me only to get challenged right after and then get chased again by the cops your wingman AI is stupid for the most part and hearing them talk is equally annoying you get blocker Scouts and drafters a blocker will drive out in front of another car and stop so you can pass a scout will find shortcuts and a drafter will drive in front of you causing a slipstream so that you can get a boost of speed you can only use them once in a while as they have a bar that charges up.

I've only ever had these idiots hinder me and listening to them makes me want to go solo there's a blocker who can almost never get in front of someone to do their job and you'll hear him constantly fail over the radio there's a scout who can't scout but has absolutely no problem telling you how much she hates whatever car you're driving each person on my crew only has one job one job and they can't even do it and when the cops show up do they help no the legs come on they scatter like the conker as they are. The story is stupid, but in a sense of a good buddy who says I'm going to show you something cool kind of stupid you play as the same person from Most Wanted and people hate you because you left and now you're trying to take control over the street racing scene and you may be wondering why well because you're being used to conquer more territory for a guy that pretends to be your friend because reasons beat him and you'll get his car and you win the game.

Need for Speed Carbon NFS PC Game Features
  • Survive the Canyon 
  • Car customization
  • Build crew
  • New cars
  • New races
  • Open world
  • Police chases

Need for Speed Carbon PC Game

Need for Speed Carbon NFS PC Game System Requirements

Recommended Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP/7
  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 (1.7 GHz) or AMD Athlon XP 2200+
  • RAM: 512 MB 
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon 9200 Series or NVIDIA GeForce 4 MX 440
  • DirectX: Version 9
  • Storage: 5.3 GB 

Need for Speed Carbon NFS PC Game Price

Need for Speed Carbon price is round about $50 (PC).

Final Words

Need for Speed Carbon has the wide range of customization and the challenge from running from the police was thrilling and that's what really appealed to me. One thing I did do was turn the car sound effects down because the tires screech no matter how late a turn you make and you can get very headache inducing if you're planning on buying it get it digitally as a physical copy can be rather expensive. Still like this game and I think it's pretty good but would I recommend playing it not really I mean it's definitely dated and Need for Speed Rivals might be a better choice if you're looking for a street racing game.

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