` FIFA 17 PC Game

FIFA 17 PC Game

FIFA 17 PC Game

FIFA 17 PC Game Release Date

FIFA 17 is a football simulation game developed and published by Electronics Arts, released on September 27, 2016.

FIFA 17 For PC Review

For people who don't know, there is the single player kind of story mode in FIFA 17 where you play as Alex hunter who is a in the beginning an 11 year old kid who is gifted footballer. He's playing unlike a local field somewhere and little kind of youngsters game and there's lots of parents watching and stuff. He start off there and then you kind of progress quite quickly through to his an 18 year old right and he's taking point when he's an exit trial which I believe it's where players are released from their clubs they were at because they weren't offered contracts right away well I mean they're just 17 year old, 17 18 year old and it's where lots of scouts come along.

What if these games see if anyone slipped through that I can hire and signed professionally essentially do you actually play as an 11 year old kid. At first very briefly probably you had a football game as a tiny little child but right if I remember rightly all you do is actually take a penalty. I don't think there's any actual like game playing when you're 11 but it's the dialogue wheel the dialogue wheel for me the choices and things on a football game. It's just incredible when you think people, I'm choked before you can make decisions now do it in FIFA.

It's not I think it's as involved oh I thought it might be essentially the way it works. It's not like a Paragon and a renegade there is either you are fiery in your responses or you're cool or you're balanced so fiery the result is so you might say stuff that's more like digging yourself up a lot right and their result values you get more fans because fans like the ones that I like big headed and arrogant all this kind of does like the most arrogant player there is and he's like very popular so you build up more fans that way which is measured in like social media type stuff and if you get more fangy and get better like sponsorship deals and stuff but your manager doesn't like people. 

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FIFA 17 PC Game

Like that he likes people that are like for the team. Team comes first was your cool and like say you scored the winning goal but you go it's great for the team to get the win not you personally right team then your managers more likely to pick you in the games. So you get you can make these decisions but it doesn't feel massively influential in terms of what it actually does like the main thing you need to do is perform. When you play in the actual games so is this done through a sort of team like a standard game type camera, overhead camera or is it I could be a pro. So you can you can it's not the you might be to choose that but by default you either players but it's a little confusing is when you start off and in the exit training. The exit matches or whatever it's called you have to place the whole team there's no option to choose just to play that expander soon as you get signed as a pro you can then choose to play as just Alex. 

You not have influencing your performance enough unless you are always playing as him so I'd recommend you choose to play as him and then it kind of and that just feels like be a pro. Well it's not behind my default it's not behind the player you get a more a bigger view of the pitch I think that way you get a easy to see like the runs you should be making all that kind of stuff. So you kind of call for the ball and ask for the off for the answer for the board cetera and then through balls like good passes good tackling shots goals all kind of build up your rating for that game or if you score and well anything you do that's bad produces your score for that game. So before each match you'll get like the managers kind of what you should be doing if there's unlike a certain rating in the game is objective which game has objectives the issue I have with it and I really like it and I like playing I like going for the objectives and stuff is there.

It's very kind of quick to punish you for doing the smallest thing wrong so you try and go for attack when you miss it's like doc you down some points in that game whereas if you do a really cool run about the end of it you kind of fluff up the past even though you've done. You've gone past a few players you don't get anything for it, it's kind of it was a little bit unfair sometimes in terms of the rating you get so you might have played quite well and done quite a lot in the game because you've done a couple of bad passes. 

The world just feels a little bit unfair at times here in terms of these objectives in my head picturing like it's a remember the old World Cup games where it had the mini sort challenges where it was like come back from down in the second half is that well depending on where your status in the team in the squad like when you're starting off you are or depends you sign with as well. Like if you stand for a bigger club you get free choice essentially of the club's you have to be playing better and earning higher ratings to get even on the bench pick us lower team you get more starts but pretty much you're gonna be starting off coming in maybe we twenty minutes to go the game may be balanced you may have to try and get go back.

So it doesn't matter if you lose the game because it's an ongoing League essentially so just affect your league position but if you do win the game you'll get you'll meet the object one of the objectives for that game or if you play a couple of assists for gold you'll get extra reward for the game by meeting certain quite sure you get skill points which you can then use to upgrade essentially your player and I've seen might improve passing skills. There's a skill tree sounds amazing, I always love it when do when developers do things like this when they do story modes into things that traditionally don't have story modes like wall Kombat X or fight night champion and things like that they it really does it just gets me interested in the game.

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FIFA 17 PC Game

It feels more like you are a footballer authentic and I think it's just a really nice well made experience I think the only downsides are that you can tell they've never done this before because it does feel a little bit ropey at times in terms of some of the dialogue and particularly the delivery from some of the pros they have well the atras football, because some of the players are fictional players actors like you are and your mate is and a couple of other people but then you get people at Harry Kane appears. He signs at least in my game I assume it's the same everybody he signed for my club I chose to play as letter Lester because I get more of a chance to get in the starting eleven with Lester he signs like a couple of games into the season on.

I'm never gonna get a game they're just fine Harry Kane and you meet him in like the corridors inside the stadium any is like the worst exchange ever but you say like welcome to the club mate and he does mumbles something angry. Like I realize he's not good at acting so imagine like David Beckham before we became super polished, that kind of thing I mean you can overlook that kind of stuff because it's cool to have like real football names attached but it just fit doesn't feel like you're expecting mass effect but with football it doesn't feel anywhere near that level. But aside from like the journey the game is so very good. 

It's got tons of other modes Ultimate Team still there. They've got everything from FIFA 16, as far as I know Ultimate Team I imagine for most people still be the biggest draw they've added things to that I think sort of them they've new legendary players. They've got a new kind of online championship mode Ultimate Team as well and other things that if you're really into it you'll know straightaway when they've changed and it's just there's a lot here essentially and you can obviously do the normal kind of career playing through as a club and stuff and so does it feel more like a package compared to PES 2017. 

FIFA 17 PC Game Features

  • A new football world
  • Have a story mode
  • New techniques
  • Greater controllers
  • New moves
  • Enhanced players moves
  • Beautiful graphics

FIFA 17 PC Game

FIFA 17 PC Game System Requirements

Minimum Specifications

  • OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-Bit)
  • CPU: Intel Core i3-2100 (3.1 GHz) or AMD Phenom II X4 965 (3.4 GHz)
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 460 or AMD Radeon R7 260
  • DirectX: 11
  • Storage: 50 GB

Recommended Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-Bit)
  • CPU: Intel i5-3550K (3.40 GHz) or AMD FX 8150 (3.6 GHz)
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 660 or AMD Radeon R9 270
  • DirectX: 11
  • Storage: 50 GB

FIFA 17 PC Game Price

FIFA 17 Price is round about $30.

Final Words

PES maybe still has it in terms of gameplay. I think if I had to pick one game to play if it was just playing friendly matches all the time against a mate probably PES just I think but if you're playing it on your own. There's a lot more in FIFA 17. It has some cool modes as well it's got like my pears and Master League they're both like really in depth mode you can put a lot of time into but nothing quite as engaging and addictive as Ultimate Team like you get into that. It's hard to not play that all the time so I think they're both good games FIFA is I think a little bit harder to get into initially at least if you coming from pears but if you get into it I think it's still a really good game of football and the journey just adds that extra little touch.

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