` Destiny 2 PC Game

Destiny 2 PC Game

Destiny 2 PC Game

Destiny 2 PC Game Release Date

Destiny 2 is an online multiplayer shooting game developed by Bungie, released on September 6, 2017.

Destiny 2 For PC Review

No review of Destiny 2 can miss the huge impact of what the forsaken expansion has had on the game much like the taken King DLC from the first game forsaken took the base game and turned it into something that many players have wanted from destiny. The greatest change to be introduced was that of random roles on weapons and a mission from the base game. The impact that this had could be felt across much of the game rewards and loot apart from being too easy to acquire meant that there was no need to grind for the perfect role reintroducing random roles meant players could now repeat the activities in an effort to have the weapon there after drop with the role they wanted standardized weapons are great when trying to balance them between PvE and PvP but random roles were a huge part of the first destiny and much of the fanbase never wanted them gone.

The decision was made in an effort to make the game appeal more to the casual player but the consequence was many hardcore players at everything within a few weeks of the game's release with no need to run the same content over and over Forsaken also brought with it the new play spaces of the tangled Shore and the Dreaming City the last wish raid + new story missions and gear to earn a good move from Bungie was the stagger content of the expansion over a number of weeks. So there was always reasons to log into the game players also had a huge amount of daily and weekly bounties to complete across both PvE and PvP to earn powerful gear and rank up their factions and whilst this provided a lot to do I found many of these bounties to become tiresome fairly quickly running the same activities in the same places over the days and months made it feel less of being enjoyable and more of being a chore couple this with the issue that some of these were much more rewarding than others to do. 

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Destiny 2 PC Game

What I would like to see Bunji introduced is more ways in which to receive rewards for those who enjoy running strikes raids or PvP for example allow them to earn the loot drops from the activities that they enjoy playing most. Many PvE players have no interest in the crucible and many competitive players prefer the PvP over much of the PvE content and that brings me to the game mode of gambit a hybrid of PvE and PvP where two teams of four fight against AI as well as other guardians at certain times of the match.

Having more game modes and options is usually a good thing but I feel gambit is a wasted opportunity matches can be lengthy and then players need to ask the question is it worth it. I find myself skipping gambit bounties completely as I don't have interesting playing the mode changes are said to be coming to this game mode so I'm eager to see what's added and hopefully it's another activity I enjoy spending more of my time. Now one main area that I find destiny still struggles with is making sure the content being played is worthy of the players time often the rewards simply aren't there and because of that I begin to question why it is on doing many activities. Many players play destiny each week but only to complete the milestones in order to receive the powerful gear rewards into increase in level once these are complete the reasons to play anymore that week are slim if you continue to grind certain activities then perhaps you'll be rewarded with a prime Engram but it's a time versus reward issue and this is one of the main criticisms I have of the game.

Destiny 1 felt like a hobby something you did every day with other players destiny to have come to feel like a game you log in complete the milestones then leave it until the next week and that is why I feel Bungie needs to implement changes so I do want to log in every day regardless of if I finish the milestones or not but moving on from forsaken and on to more recent and future content with the season pass those who paid for the add on were given more content and activities for the end game of destiny to an area which received heavy criticism soon after the base game of Destiny to launch and which black armory would help with but this also introduced other problems this was a different type of expansion to the game than what Bungie had created in the past and what many plays discovered was that unless you were of a very high light level.

There wasn't much if anything to do for those who weren't upon release of each expansion in the past destiny players would usually receive new story missions and new areas to explore which you would most likely play as soon as you've got the expansion black armory was different in bungees attempt to satisfy the more hardcore players and their thirst for more endgame content with additions such as new gear and weapons and activities such as the forges it alienated everybody else who wasn't of that level to undertake the activities.

Bungie need to cater for the hardcore fanbase as they will keep Destiny Two alive the most and the game does need more endgame content for high level players but Bungie also needed to have some new content available for everybody to do on day one with black armory that is part of what makes a good expansion DLC or add on it caters to all players who would have already been playing in the previous content and it offers content that is worth the money they paid for it. 

Destiny 2 PC Game

Now let's talk about the state of the crucible in 2019 Bungie has implemented several changes to the game which has had an impact on the crucible and overall it's been for the better beginning in mid 2018 the crucible went back to the classic 6v6 like in the first game as opposed to the 4v4 of Destiny 2 at launch. This makes the crucible Quick Play more hectic and fast and more akin to the first destiny but the downside is that the maps aren't designed with these numbers of players in mind, so they can feel a little bit small.

Bungie has also lowered the time to kill which many players were asking for and this has made needing to stick need teammates a lot less necessary in the crucible now opening up more options whilst playing which is a good thing the changes to the weapons system has also changed all parts of the game where is the power slot used to include rocket launchers shotguns grenade launchers sniper rifles and others meaning you could only use one of these at once. 

It is now possible to for example equip a shotgun and a rocket launcher at the same time and these changes have been beneficial in giving players more options when it comes to their loadouts and that brings us to the future content coming in the existing season past and what 2019 holds for Destiny one area which Bungie must continue. It is having hidden quests which players can discover bus dropping new quests for weapons or items outside of the main content drops bringing back old weapons certainly tugs on a nostalgia court especially when it's something like the last word quest which is now available this keeps players engaged with the game and also shows players that Bungie is actively supporting.

The game both Joker's wild and penumbra will be the next two expansions to the game but we don't know exactly what these will offer and Bungie does not have the best reputation when it comes to the quality of their expansions outside of the main drops such as forsaken and the taken King what these add to the game remains to be seen but more interesting is just what is in store for destiny fans beyond the season pass.

Bungie split from Activision Bungie now has full control of their game but that also means funding and any future content and each decision made for better or worse now rests upon their shoulders the days of players blaming Activision's interference as to why something is or isn't a part of the game unknown with many content creators toning back their destiny to content and replacing it with that of other games. Bungie must make sure that there's enough worthwhile content to play or have their player base fracture even further.

Destiny 2 PC Game Features

  • Much anticipated sequel
  • Action across the solar system
  • Overwhelming invasion force
  • Reunite heroes

Destiny 2 PC Game

Destiny 2 PC Game System Requirements

Minimum Requirements
  • OS : Windows7/8 /10 (64-Bit)
  • CPU : Intel Core i3 3250 or AMD FX-4350
  • RAM : 6 GB
  • Graphics : NVIDIA  GeForce GTX 660 or ATI Radeon HD 7850

Recommended Requirements
  • OS : Windows7/8 /10 (64-Bit)
  • CPU : Intel Core i5 2400 or AMD Ryzen R5 1600X
  • RAM : 8 GB
  • Graphics : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 390

Destiny 2 PC Game Price

Destiny 2 is available free to play.

Final Words

Destiny 2 it is very much a game that players need to play in order to find out if it is for them the difference though between early last year and now though is that players are soon going to have more options when it comes to these types of games Destiny 2 must contend with the division to warframe and anthem for all of the problems the division had it is in a much better position these days although not perfect I'd expect the best parts of the game to be a part of the division 2 warframe continues to go from strength to strength with their content drops and just how much content that game now has over its lifespan and it's free to play perhaps Destiny twos greatest threat is that from Bioware xantham although third person it is another sci-fi fantasy shooter it not having PvP could be an issue post launch but if content is added to it regularly and it has a healthy player base then it could certainly take some of the testing into player base if they decide it offers a more robust loot based PvE experience many eyes will be on destiny to this year and where the franchise goes from here just know that if you're a new player the game has a lot to like about it.

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