` Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2019 Game for PC

Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2019 Game for PC

Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2019 game for PC - Complete Setup

Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2019 PC Game Release Date

PES 2019 Game for PC is a football simulation game developed by PES Productions and published by Konami, released on August 28, 2018.

Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2019 Genre

Sports, Simulation

Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2019 Platforms

Playstation 4, PC, Xbox, iOS

Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2019 Game for PC Trailer

Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2019 Game for PC Review

If we actually look at the game then we can see that it has updated interface. Players have become more active, their moves are actually more plastic, the ball is handled regarding several true physical rules, so the dubbing soccer players very easily step on it.

In General PES 2019 Game for PC gives the most sensible football gameplay. But there are a couple of cautions. If AI rivals, then also teams of a poor level will merge like Batel and goalkeepers who drag perfectly from live competitors against the computer obtain the balls not from the nines, but from the net. 

So in the final figures of matches, there are two enemy attacks on your 10 hits and the score is even. Also there are truly major problems with team moves in defense, if the level of your defense core is under 80 points, then the player never begins to run where required and block out the required areas. 

You have to give attention to the entire presentation, outside the field and interface of the game. 

A most recognizable point is the loss of European cups and having seven licensed leagues. But, licensing does not mean that you have everything in the game, you just have logos and almost all the right.
Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2019 game for PC - Complete Setup

PES not much remarkable, from the matches broadcast feeling is not like that you frequently get from opponents. Also, if you come around a true arena like Emirates or Old Trafford, then it will be a tiny better. The game is the haven of those for whom appearance doesn't matter.

In PES 2019 Game for PC there are various choices for managing your team, you can set the distance among players, lesser the protective line, you can set efficient layout.

In PES 2019, you can make improvements to your team as infinitum. Have the exact additional game styles that had been in each and every portion of PES. Before, you could safely and securely do not having them, again.

Mainly because of a reasonably clear cut football. Now, when the gameplay has expanded in variability, they finally impact the team’s game.

Like, you play against a competitor with strong midfield, you do not have enough player in the center of the field to play the ball. In this situation, you can allocate a false 9, and your center forward falls down, supporting the team to control the ball. 

However, the energetic usage of excessive defenders proceeds well with the setup of playing the ball on the flank. You have choice to play your preferred Manchester City technique, a pass on one edge, drawing the opponent’s players in to this region.

And a pointed pass on of the ball to the nearby flank, where your linked intense defender is already anxious to burn off the free space.

Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2019 game for PC - Complete Setup

One more point is when, even to the littlest detail, a computed strategy flies off in the garbage because of gaps in artificial intelligence. 

An eclipse can cover your athletes in any sort of game scenario. Sometimes, players deny to respond to the ball, making it pass by themselves and sometimes they simply crash into each other.

You will see that sometimes controls will fail, the pass doesn't head out exactly where you delivered it and the game switches to the wrong player. 

The entire controls come to feel good in PES 2019 Game for PC. It feels good to spin the ball, you can experience its weight and how it flows.

In PES 2019's career mode, almost everything is the same as before. The primary change is the new choices in the agreement when you sign up. 

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 every year PES makes an awful first impression on startup you are greeted with this screen three options all involving the my club portion of the game if you don't know what that is my club is where you build your ultimate soccer team.

And you try to unlock players or you can buy players and Konami being Konami this is where the microtransactions come in to play yes you can unlock these players by just playing the game and getting these points that you can spend.

But the emphases again here is on the my club and that's where the money is for Konami so that's what they're going to push it they're pushing this into your face as you're starting this game and you get a yet another ugly.

And confusing user interface there are various options hidden in different menus it's all very cumbersome to navigate it's really ugly.

Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2019 game for PC - Complete Setup

Also this year Konami lost a bunch of licenses especially the Champions League and a Europe league but it did ask some minor leagues and cups and some licensed stadiums for whoever cares about that.

Because players of has they care about the licenses they want the original teams they want the original stadiums there are people out there and they are out there that will create this option file and you can add the players into the game later on and sure.

However If you the offline Master League and it's it's back but there's nothing else there than was before you choose your team you try to rise through the ranks you play your matches buy and sell players.

And that sort of thing I do like that it I enjoy that option but for a lot of people you need more laughs you want to play the Champions League you want to play the europe league you want to have the original teams.

You want to have the original players konami couldn't care less really especially about the offline Master League there's nothing new added to the formula.

And it seems again they're only interested in the money and the mike club thing because that's you know where the money is so yeah that's pretty much where pass is at it's basically all about the my club.

I have to admit the faces of some of the more famous football player or the soccer players it look way better than last year's game and yes the commentary is awful is awful as it has always been awful.

It really that is copy paste the commentary from the last game to the new game Sydow again they don't really care but with that out of the way.

Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2019 Game for PC Gameplay

Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2019 game for PC - Complete Setup

Let's talk about the PES 2019 Game for PC game play well I'll have to give credit where credit is due because well it seems Konami still has some wizards in their ranks.

Because the gameplay of the pitch is phenomenal more than previous installments this feels like actual football and it has a lot to do with the animations being top notch and players move very lifelike.

And you can definitely distinguish between players like for instance Messi who who has that sort of famous dribble and it's all there and it plays very very well there's a great sense of.

And flow to the game where you usually start out at a lower pace where you try and pass the ball around and then you can get the extra speed.

And when you are countering and the AI of your teammates is actually way better than last year's and you'll see them act more proactive whereas you do this counter more players will join.

And will run to the other side the AI of the opposing teams is a bit of a hit and miss and the main tactic seems to be to play to the flanks and then try to get the ball into the box.

And it becomes a bit predictable I guess but still the ability to place this precise through ball that has just enough speeds to be picked up by your forwards leaving the defenders on the back food and you scoring that fantastic goal.

It just feels phenomenal even with all the added realism it is still possible to do that solo run from your own half to the other side and score again this amazing goal.

So PES 2019 PC Game has its very nice balance between realism on one side but also still the touch of arcade gameplay where PES is always being very good at so it is just so enjoyable to play PES for instance defending.

It's not just a game of just pushing the right button at the right time to intercept the ball there's a lot more to it now there's more chance to it.

There's a lot more physicality involved where players will bump into each other it's just it's it's again it's phenomenal and the unscripted nature of the game it's also very apparent if you look at what the ball does.

I mean the ball seems to be its own identity and it's not just glued to your feet but it it feels like it's its own thing and scoring goals never feel scripted or automated like in FIFA for instance. 

So the gameplay is just so butter smooth there's no slowdown when things get get busy on the pitch it's so smooth.

So in conclusion PES 2019 Game for PC is a fantastic game of football that is buried beneath a pile of horseshit that's what it is and I'm fed up with it I'm fed up with Konami not giving a about this game right.

And I think that they should get their act together and really start to give the people the players the who are loyal to this franchise that the stuff that they want you know don't put stuff behind paywalls

And branch out you know add new stuff I mean FIFA had has been doing that with their their their story mode past should work on that they should be more inventive and build on that amazing football game that they have.

Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2019 Game for PC Features
  • New gameplay 
  • New Russian Premier League
  • Detailed characters and atmosphere
  • New skills
  • Setting up the team as you per your need
  • New shooting frameworks

Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2019 game for PC - Complete Setup

Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2019 Game for PC System Requirements

Minimum requirements
  • OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-Bit)
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-3470 or AMD FX 4350
  • RAM: 4 GB 
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 670 or AMD Radeon HD 7870
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 30 GB 

Recommended Requirements
  • OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-Bit)
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-3770 or AMD FX 8350
  • RAM: 8 GB 
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 760 or AMD Radeon R9 270X
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 30 GB 

Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2019 Game for PC Price

PES 2019 Game for PC for Standard Edition is round about $29.99

Final Words about Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2019 Game for PC

PES 2019 Game for PC is just about gameplay. There are various issues with the gameplay making it only absolutely not more valuable. 

You have other option which is FIFA 19 to experience with. But a person can go for PES PC Game which have no problem to playing a game which doesn't have an upgraded presentation and only about gameplay as I said before. 

So this was all about Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2019 Game for PC

Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2019 Game for PC Demo

PES 2019 Game Demo is available on Konami official website:

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