` MLB The Show 19 | MLB The Show 19 review, gameplay, price, ps4 and everything you need to know

MLB The Show 19 | MLB The Show 19 review, gameplay, price, ps4 and everything you need to know

MLB The Show 19 | MLB The Show 19 Gameplay, review, price, ps4

MLB The Show 19 Release Date

MLB The Show 19 is a baseball sports game developed by SIE San Diego Studios and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, released on March 26, 2019.

MLB The Show 19 Trailer

MLB The Show 19 Review

This time there's a lot of new things and that's pretty cool. Now where graphics are really at a whole other level you're talking about MLB The Show where your character looks incredible the sound the lighting everything is so well polished in this game.

You can always customize which way you want to do your body.The game absolutely shines there are multiple game modes in here. 

There are so many and whole new charge where you're able to jump in play a couple innings, get the game over with and start building your team from the beginning of season all the way to the end.

There a lot of cool mechanics as far as just as soon as you started it you're just having a conversation with another teammate, it actually affects things when you you know choose certain dialogue. 

So perks are new this year too. Road the show they've always had road to the show where you basically customize your player and work your way up through the ranks being going from triple a to double a and all the way into the majors right.

So you want to do that you focus on one character and you only play as a character you don't play the entire team. 

You play as that character but perks now allow you to have different stats and conversations with people and this is kind of like it's almost like an RPG but they took out this year the ability to spend my points where I see fit, so before you would be able to go okay I only put I got this many for playing this game.

MLB The Show 19 | MLB The Show 19 Gameplay, review, price, ps4

I'm gonna spend my points on upgrading my power for right-handed hitters and they got a right handed pitchers they did so now the way it works is when your game finishes on how well you do is based on how much reward you get on your progression and they've implemented now icons which I kind of appreciate it small little touches but it's the little touches that make the game shine.

So much so now instead of having power of right handed here you'll have power with like a bat and a ball icon and a couple other little things throughout the game and then when you're up playing your own character there your your player for the games they actually give you challenges while you're playing, so then you can have a chance to upgrade. 

If you get the reward for the challenge they'll do three different tiers two different tiers depending on what the challenge is and you get a percentage based off of if you succeed on that challenge.

They've really taken this to a whole other level now but again going back to the RPG system this is RPG for baseball which is awesome so you have so much time to invest in this game. You know what position did you pick man I'm shortstop okay that's what I pick yeah.

I'm turning double plays a fumble on the ball to which they've really enhanced a little bit this year is the ability now if your timing is off you will drop that ball you'll kick that ball. 

You'll fumble that ball around so it's not as forgiving right do you struggled a little bit to get started. But I finally gotten through getting the timing down and everything and it's this games awesome.

I said you can go back and go online you can go in conquest mode and all these other modes, so what you're saying is this is definitely an improvement from last year yeah so a lot of people go okay. 

You know what it's a new game but how different is it from last year and there's a bunch of different improvements like the road to the show and how you're able to well you know what.

It's the customization options that are in the road to the show like even the little things now where if I hit a home run you can always do the home run and how you hit the home run and it's like a walk off and they'll like.

MLB The Show 19 | MLB The Show 19 Gameplay, review, price, ps4

So my character cranks that ball right puts about boom sits it right on the plate and then walks around and that's how it was.

But this year now they've added in actual animations as I carry around the diamond right so as I hit from base to base that around thirds I got Tilo a Jays fan right.

So Telos got this animation where he swings his arm around and slaps high fives but it's lower so I got that on there and I'm a nerd and then I've got music for when I hit homeruns I got music from when I walk up the guys announce.

Compared to all the other sport games in my opinion it seems like they actually really put an effort and change things and as dings and add features. 

You know you play NHL it doesn't seem like they do much for that price that you pay but with MLB The show it really seems like you get what you pay for. 

San Diego Studios is a really great studio they pay attention they listen to the fans and introduce new little features and new little just small touches each and every year that wants you to come back. 

But the thing that San Diego studios is able to do because all they do really is MLB the show.

So now MLB The show is done kind of right they're still gonna work on tweak and whatever but they're already working on next year's game yeah so they're able to spend the time and work on concentrating to get everything else polished and then off it again with new features because every year don't make a list of features but they're not gonna get everything that they want into this year's game. 

So they'll save those and put them in a next year's game that's really cool and speaking of polish this game graphically.

MLB The Show 19 Features
  • Great presentation 
  • New defensive gameplay framework
  • Improved characters
  • Road to the Show is great as always
  • Awesome graphics
  • Lot of modes

MLB The Show 19 | MLB The Show 19 Gameplay, review, price, ps4

MLB The Show 19 Price

MLB The Show 19 Price is round about $30.

Final Words

It's the best looking sports game there is a fantastic my character. I'm able to pick all the texts and stuff and make all the decisions. 

MLB the show night team from San Diego Studios I think you're a hook now what are you scoring this one. I'm absolutely hooked man this game is awesome it's beautiful the storyline is. 

These guys are solid studio bring us another solid game and this year has brought some great new mechanics and continues to be the best baseball game franchise to date beautiful and improved graphics of really add value to the also improved customization to the game.

Adding a new game mode to the art a huge list of modes on top of everything previously mentioned shows how much the creators really care about the fans the one rounded down the third baseline throw onto first in time so the lead off man is set down to open up any number eight.

So this was all about MLB The Show 19 | MLB The Show 19 Gameplay, review, price, ps4

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