` Grid for PC Game 2019 - An Arcade Racing Game by Codemasters | Grid 2019 PC Review

Grid for PC Game 2019 - An Arcade Racing Game by Codemasters | Grid 2019 PC Review

Grid for PC Game 2019 - An Arcade Racing Game by Codemasters | Grid 2019 PC Review

Grid Game 2019 Release Date

Grid PC Game 2019 is an arcade racing game developed and published by Codemasters, released on October 11, 2019.

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Grid 2019 For PC Review

Grid Game 2019 PC Setup, has a large past which I'm not gonna go and do because who cares let's talk about what this is in 2019 it's an arcade racer, don't normally like arcade races because they are Arkady I kind of like to get in ever since Jeff Cremeans Formula One hooked me back in the early early 90s or whatever it was I've loved to get me fingernails all covered in oil mucking around with settings doctoring the wings a little bit just to get an extra tenth of a second you know. 

I've loved all of that and that's why I don't generally like arcade races because you don't really get that what you just get is some are sitting on a sofa going mom I'm gonna win my mom you know was this smashing the car off every corner you know that backs an arcade racer but yeah but anyway guys court muster send me a copy of grid.

I thought well hey I might as well I wasn't gonna review this but hey I might as well so I find it all 69 gigabit up and them have been pleasantly surprised it's a good game and I'm surprised that it's a good game.

So let's talk about why it's a good game first of all let's have a quick look at the options you've got a few graphical options a few sound options, it runs really fast I've been plated in 1440p and it's been flying along at over 104 second on me 2080 as you would expect it should the controls are fantastic.

It supported me wheel it knew what we made me whale was that first master T 300 and no problem door updated with a controller as well absolutely fine on a controller in fact I've had to play a lot of it on a controller. 

The Grid Game 2019 PC Setup, has a career mode, a multiplayer mode and a free player mode of free play mode in pretty much select. What I have a type of various you want whatever circuit you want and they own a ring or whatever the hell you want really. 

Now the different types of reason is this classic cars with minis and stuff were not this gt2 and calm muscles stock super modify this whole range of different races that you can have and they take place over many different circuits in Grid Game 2019 PC Setup.

Grid for PC Game 2019 - An Arcade Racing Game by Codemasters | Grid 2019 PC Review

There's only 12 circuits which isn't a lot for a racing game. You can select different types of different variations of each circuit but the circuits that you do get are freaking horse they are really really good perfect for reasonable perfectly. 

You have tight street races where you have all the the fans just hanging over the barriers right next years we will fly and pass that like 150 mile an hour and then you have this wide open proper circuits where there's runoff areas and gravel traps and things like that you have different day and night in Grid Game 2019 PC Setup

You have neon lights all over the place you have are in there all kinds of going on which really does make for some fantastic ways and experiences and that's what these games are all about and I guess I've cooked through that a lot as fast as I can.

Because what you really want to know in a review for a reason game is how good's the a and I how well does the car handle do car just. 

The car handle differently depending on the setup that you have as you can alter the setups just a little bit in this you don't get many options for the setup but you get the most important ones.

So I'm not too bothered two big bare bones I mean gear ratios are absolutely essential the older the modernist because a lot of the circuits are different as some of them are quite quick with lots of corners and so you're gonna need to lower the ratios to get that quick acceleration also as well.

In Grid Game 2019 PC Setup, the way the cars handle is fantastic and being able to control over steer and under steer is another essential factor because car will want the you brake to create over stairs sometimes going into a corner so in drift round at depending on how many corners there isn't how tightly I saw you get the necessity of what you need when you're actually racing.

You're in the cockpit now when I'm playing with a controller and I'm a third person you don't get it you don't get it as much obviously you don't.

Because you're higher up it is easier when you're in the third person because you can see the corner coming up we're further away than you can when you're in the cockpit now I've had to leave on the actual track helper on the corner.

So I can see where the corner is because there was so many cars on the track I couldn't actually see where the corner was and I kept crushing so I turned that on and it transformed.

Grid Game 2019 PC Setup, is an arcade racer it's not a sim race or so so there was that now I found the handling of the cars fantastic I really did each car handle differently you could tell the difference when you got in the cars and as much as the the force feedback wasn't that good it was a bit a bit slacking in this game.

You could still feel when the player was losing it on a corner you could still get that he not feel to be able to make corrections or just ease off and feather the throttle a little bit.

But the difference in the cars when I got into the frontier at Fire bird that the Jim Rockford was a James Rockford won the back end of that was all over the place.

But it was great fun and we know with a little tweaking on the controls you can sort it out and make it even better and you do get points for drifting.

Grid for PC Game 2019 - An Arcade Racing Game by Codemasters | Grid 2019 PC Review

In this you'll see points popping up all over the screen for doing combo drifts and stuff it's an arcade racer I would recommend playing it on hard.

Because on medium it's just too easy but I think there's quite a jump from medium to hard you can win easily if you qualify if you go for the qualifier you can pretty much always qualified first on medium.

Or hard that there's a huge jump up to that I forget was it very hard I can't remember what it is the top one I found that ridiculous.

But on hard you get a really good race for your money and you're gonna have to buy better cars if you want to even compete on hard, now as you win eight race you will get points and you level up which unlocks more racism.

There are kind of esthetical things but you also get money and money is required to buy the fat cars in this game so it's a big grind a big progression through the whole of Korea more so getting back to the AI I found the AI very very aggressive.

In the new Grid Game 2019 PC Setup,  you come across cars upside down it's just insane unfortunately the damage model does not well do you know what the damage model sucks let's get that out the way the damage model sucks.

I've crushed into a wall at like over well over 100 mile an hour and nothing's happened to car I should have been freaking killed but nothing's happened and then other times I've bashed it around a bit and I've got a puncher or a wheels.

But it feels like a wheels fell off and I've been totally out of the wrist I always have it on full damage model when I'm playing it is very very forgiving and there's also a rewind the last 15 seconds which I instantly disabled I can't stand that my philosophy is of you cope yep nope this should be a consequence.

Anyway there's a nemesis system in this you know what the nemesis system means is if you whack somebody hard during the wrist they will have been marked as in your nemesis and you'll get a little red helmet above their car and they will slam India when you come past them do you and I love that I think it's great.

Because I loved ears of thunder with Tom Cruise I mean my name in this game is mac trickle but I love that whole rivalry a becoming frost and Sun, I remember them at the corner of this Suzuka probably enough for that of course you are all more like me.

So for me this Grid Game 2019 PC Setup, is just a ton of fun, the drift, round corners you have nemesis with fights with other rivals it's it's got like a NASCAR oval as well which I had created for not as well and you know something do you know something.

Grid Game 2019 Features
  • Something unique happens at a race end
  • Formula car racing 
  • great visuals
  • Arcade style gameplay
  • Good handling framework
  • Day and night racing
  • Incredible cars

Grid for PC Game 2019 - An Arcade Racing Game by Codemasters | Grid 2019 PC Review

Grid Game 2019 PC System Requirements

Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows 10 (64-Bit)
  • CPU: Intel i3 2130 or AMD FX4300
  • RAM: 8 GB 
  • Graphics: Nvidia GT 640 or HD7750
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Storage: 100 GB 

Recommended Requirements
  • OS: Windows 10 (64-Bit)
  • CPU: Intel i5 8600k or AMD Ryzen 5 2600x
  • RAM: 16 GB 
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1080 or RX590
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Storage: 100 GB 

Grid Game 2019 Price

Grid PC Game 2019 price is round about $35.

Final Words

I enjoyed not qualifying just letting the grid put me where the hell ever most of the time at the back and I love just fighting my way through the Grid Game 2019 PC Setup, I don't I didn't really care whether I want I just wanted to fly through the grid have fun racing other guys and it's fun.

It's fun and that's what you want in a racing game if so if you're looking for an arcade racer might be a bit short on tracks but it is certainly not short on fun works fantastic with the controller great with the wheel as well and for made it's definitely worth the Buy.

So this was all about Grid for PC Game 2019 - An Arcade Racing Game by Codemasters | Grid 2019 PC Review

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