` eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2020 for PC - Great Soccer Game | PES 2020 PC Review

eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2020 for PC - Great Soccer Game | PES 2020 PC Review

eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2020 for PC - Great Soccer Game | PES 2020 PC Setup

Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2020 for PC Release Date

PES 2020 is a football simulation game developed by PES Productions and published by Konami, released on September 10, 2019.

Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2020 Trailer

Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2020 For PC Review

The first thing you'll notice as you pick up your controller to play PES 2020 PC Setup, is that something has changed on the second you kick off you'll notice that the camera angle is completely different.

That's because they've implemented a new camera angle in the game this year that they're calling the stadium camera mode now I guess the main idea here is that it's supposed to kind of emulate what you would watch on your TV when you're watching a live football match you see a kind of borrower's heavily from the live broadcast element that we've seen all over.

Whenever you're watching a football match whether it's on Sky Sports on ITV whether it's the Champions League or the Premier League or any other league in the world you've seen what the typical camera setup is for that. Well I feel like this more closely replicates.

That in terms of when you're watching it you could quite easily be forgiven for thinking that that was actually a game of football on TV number six the beautiful game gets even more beautiful now sticking with that theme of authenticity in pairs trying to bring the realism into the game of football.

We should really talk about some of the changes that they've made to the games physics and the first change we should probably touch on that is within the wide range of passing on PES 2020 PC Setup. 

First of all we know the typical pass way use X to play the ball well that has been greatly improved since the last game they've incorporated an actual physics and actual logic in the passing so when you kick a ball hard I use in the past it actually makes it elevate a bit off the floor which is something I immediately notice because it just felt a lot more like I was playing a pass in real life. 

The other noticeable element in PES 2020 PC Setup, that has changed in the passing department is the lofted through pass which after see it personally is my go to weapon of choice when it comes to dismantling people in the best and more stylish we're possible in this game though they've slightly tweaked it which means if you're gonna have to learn it all over again and try to perfect that pass again not a bad thing because you don't want to have a game where you pick it off and you're automatically fantastic.

I liked the game PES 2020 PC Setup, where I've got a star from the scratch and slowly claw and earn my way back to being the best player but that's a whole other story let's not get into that number five the AI starts to think for themselves well the immediate thing that I noticed with this was the defending when it certainly when the AI is the opposition seems to be much much better in terms of they've read the passes that you're trying to make. 

They learn what's going on around them they mark the men, man for man and they get them little interceptions.

eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2020 for PC - Great Soccer Game | PES 2020 PC Setup

Where in previous games perhaps they haven't maybe been so great like I say there was a little bit of an improvement last year but this feels like they've really refined that to the point where it's now become quite difficult for you to actually make it through the defense.

But I don't see that like it's a bad thing because obviously it's not again I keep coming back to it this is the authentic footballing experience that's what you want and that's what this is Pro.

You've all keep deliver in this time and time again and this game PES 2020 PC Setup, is no different a lot of the time I find these defenders are quite they seem very aggressive and very actively trying to cut things out which is great because that's a challenge. 

It's good for you but it also makes you feel like how am I gonna get past these guys well if only there was a trick for that number for a little bit more finesse well say hello to finesse dribbling a new element that has been added to PES 2020 PC Setup, or a football past 2020 it's gonna be tiresome.

I'm gonna constantly correct myself with that one but I guess they've kind of taken little elements from the active touch thing that FIFA added I think it was last year the year before.

And it's not the same law because none of this fancy juggling the ball in the air while you're playing who wants to juggle the ball of the air me at the sky is for the bids get on the floor and play a guard down football.

So this is a new element that's been added four pairs 2020 that helps you to refine your dribbling to take those nicer a little more gentle touches and to ensure that you can kind of maneuver past your defenders which is obviously gonna come in handy given that the eyes defense has become so goddamn good.

But that's not a bad thing because again I'm gonna go back and back to a time and time again what is this this is about what's real as it gets it does take a little bit getting used to.

But I tell you what when you do get that little moment where it appears off and you get that little you take it one way and you quickly drink the other way and get yourself that yard of space.

Or I tell you what that is a satisfying feeling and when you can finally master that I can only imagine the kind of satisfaction you're gonna get from drinking your way through the defense and slotting one in that top bottom middle of the gone in PES 2020 PC Setup.

I tell you what I feel a little bit aroused number three the old lady belongs to PES yes that's right it's not very often that PES fans get to brag about having something that FIFA doing hard because this year.

We've managed to grab your Ventus are specifically very very focused ly just a partner with Pro Evolution Soccer which for some reason means they are not in FIFA at all it will not be featured as your ventless in the game. 

Now this is somewhat a little bit ironic actually because for the last few years the event this have been the only team in Syria that weren't actually licensed but either way we don't mind.

Because it means we've got an exclusive about PES 2020 PC Setup, number two the master of all leagues now having friends and colleagues literally everywhere I go who seem to tell me that FIFA is the best and prove or is rubbish and how are you still playing this game.

Every single one of them has complained about the same thing when I spoke to them about FIFA and that is the career mode but a the master League this year to completely overhaul it and add a whole bunch of new things to it.

one of the things that cone army have marketed quite heavily throughout the maze in of this game is that there's a new introduction to some sort of manager it's not manager mode but its managers in general they've decided to bring the likenesses of actual managers into the game who you can be and then manage your team in the master League in PES 2020 PC Setup.

Now we have got the list yeah it's some of them I have this here as one is johan cruyff which is weird because your hand crepe is obviously nolan aware this our IP to one of the grips football team the rest south american but i will run down the list of who is in the game you've obviously got your home.

Cruyff has mentioned Maradona you've got Zico, you've got romario, you've got Babette, you've got Roberto Carlos, you've got Luther Matias and you also have Ruud Hollett obviously famous for being an excellent manager at Newcastle United along with that you've also got ten additional default managers.

Where they've got a preset Fierce which konami have created themselves. I don't think you can actually make your own manager this year but to be honest that actually suits me better because I always used to find it was really annoying having to make a brand new face every time.

I wanted to start the master League again well that's not gonna be an issue this year because they've got it covered on top of that we've got a whole new host of cutscenes for during the in game mode.

Where you got the manager sort of meeting the players and the director of football when he first started which you'll notice he has a cup of coffee that is absolutely stuck to it literally glued to his hand everywhere it goes nevertheless these are pretty cool.

Because in these cutscenes you get the sort of talk with your director at football where you get to set your goals for the season where you feel if you feel ambitious you can tell them you think you're gonna win the league and the cup or maybe you're just gonna win the league and it gives you a bit of an input into those sort of things in PES 2020 PC Setup.

eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2020 for PC - Great Soccer Game | PES 2020 PC Setup

The same thing happens when you do press conferences where you can kind of tell the people the good people of the media what your football strategies are gonna be what your philosophies as a manager are going to be.

And how you feel about certain matches on talk about the actual in game interface of Master League has had a complete overhaul and it looks absolutely amazing in PES 2020 PC Setup

The main feature that they've added in PES 2020 PC Setup, for me is the budget settings feature which was not part of the game last year and frustratingly so you find yourself getting about five seasons into Master League and you find that you had a ton of wage money.

But you had no like finance money to to spend on players here budget for players in your budget for salary were completely lopsided so then you can kind of distribute the money evenly and make sure you don't find yourself in a few season time with a ton of money to spend on players but you can't sign them because you've got no weird money.

The other two features that have been added in PES 2020 PC Setup, are a little messages feature where it just condenses all those annoying messages that you get off the executive directors or whatever in at one place and you can choose to go and read them if that's your thing of course.

And the other thing is that they've incorporated a follower count on to the page I guess this kind of replaces when you used to have the affinity or the the director confidence in you. 

In previous games it's like that little blue circle that was 100% or 0% if you're not very good at your job having cleared enough of it yet to figure out exactly how this works but it does seem to go up the more good and positive things to do like win matches or sign good players or what have you.

Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2020 for PC Features
  • Improved gameplay
  • Enhanced players
  • Smooth controls
  • Do the role of manager
  • Master league mode
  • remastered master League mode
  • Incredible visuals

eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2020 for PC - Great Soccer Game | PES 2020 PC Setup

Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2020 for PC System Requirements

Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows 7 /8.1/10 (64-Bit)
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-3470 or AMD FX 4350
  • RAM: 4 GB 
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 670 or AMD Radeon HD 7870
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 40 GB

Recommended Requirements
  • OS: Windows 10 (64 Bit)
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-3770 or AMD FX 8350
  • RAM: 8 GB 
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 760 or AMD Radeon R9 270X
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 40 GB

Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2020 for PC Price

PES 2020 Price is round about $50.

Final Words

PES 2020 PC Setup, is awesome it absolutely is and listen I know what you're thinking, you're thinking I'm a FIFA fan I've been converted I'm gonna go and play that don't worry mate I understand you've had your eyes opened and now you understand it's fine it's no problem you've seen the light, but you know what, actually you can go for PES 2020.

So this was all about eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2020 for PC - Great Soccer Game | PES 2020 PC Review

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