` Call of Duty 3 PC | A Golden Shooting Game | Call of Duty 3 for PC Game Review

Call of Duty 3 PC | A Golden Shooting Game | Call of Duty 3 for PC Game Review

Call of Duty 3 PC | A Golden Shooting Game | Call of Duty 3 for PC Setup

Call of Duty 3 PC Release Date

Call of Duty 3 is a shooting game developed by Treyarch and published by Activision, released on November 7, 2006.

Call of Duty 3 For PC Review

Call of Duty 3 PC Setup, is a WWII first person shooter taking place shortly after day in northwestern France in 1944. As with most WWII first person shooters we play as the Americans,however in college ID we also get to take on roles as Canadians British and Polish soldiers this works is a great way to mix things up as well as provide an alternative perspective to the European Theatre of war during WWII. 

The game feels like every other modern Call of Duty as you get shot your eyes bleed red like some sort of exotic lizard and you either regenerate your health after a short period of time or you go extinct unless your huxley he's literally immortal, one thing I really enjoy about Call of Duty 3 PC Setup, is that it uses a mix of various levels including vehicle gameplay to keep things interesting. 

The tank levels in Call of Duty 3 PC Setup, are a great time but trust me though the Jeep levels are a blast. One thing I really didn't enjoy about the game was the lack of optimization, when you're playing this game and you go to dump your entire magazine in to some guy and the frame rate just goes into the floor you can't help but miss your shots. 

Call of Duty III was that you get a decent mix of weapons introduced from level to level which keeps things interesting. 

Call of Duty 3 PC Setup, allows you to use three different submachine guns the first is the mp40 the second is the Stenmark 2 and lastly there's the Thompson submachine gun out of the three my favorite is the mp40. 

The Stenmark 2 is really good though and I don't know why but the accuracy and the Thompson in this game is terrible which makes no sense because in role that worth the gun is amazing.

Call of Duty 3 PC Setup, also features a single pump action shotgun and for what it is it gets the job done. We also have access to three bolt action rifles the first is the lee enfield number 4, the second is the 1903 Springfield and the last one is the car 98k.  

All three rifles do a great job but if I had to choose one of the three it would have to be the Springfield because the scope is amazing there's also two semi automatic rifles there's the classic m1 garand and then there's the cover 43. 

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Call of Duty 3 PC | A Golden Shooting Game | Call of Duty 3 for PC Setup

Both of these rifles perform very well but if I had to choose one everyone takes the garand there are also two fully automatic rifles in the game there's the Sturm Guevara 44 and the FG 42 both of these rifles perform really well. 

But the stem give for myself is the best gun in the entire game it's accurate it has a 30 round clip it's powerful and you move quickly with it. The game also gives us access to various machine guns as we played through the campaign. 

The first one I get to see is the Browning automatic rifle and it's very good I really enjoy it but the fov looks really weird next we have the Browning m1919 a6 you see it twice in the campaign but really you only get to use it once which I didn't like then there's the browning m2hb 50 caliber I really like this gun but you only get to use it for one minute during a short ride along which pissed me off.

In Call of Duty 3 PC Setup, we also get access to dual mounted Vickers K machine guns on the SAS Jeep levels these cones are really cool however you only get to use them maybe once or twice throughout the campaign.

Then after that there's three machine guns we have to look at and all three of these are amazing there's the Bren the mg34 and mg42 now with the mg42 I really didn't like that it's only mounted in the game you can't carry it around the mg34 is a great gun on its own but you can only shoot accurately when you're using the bipod against a surface. 

Also the reload animation in Call of Duty 3 PC Setup, is terrible if you've ever used this gun in real life and he'd go to reload it the way they show it where you take the drum off put a new drum on but don't refeed the belt into the feed pot it's not gonna work you're gonna have a 30 pound paperweight after that it's a really weird mishmash of weapons in the game.

There's two bazookas the m9a1 bazooka which you only get to use in the last five minutes in the game which is garbage and then there's the panzerschreck which you get to use probably three or four times throughout the game. 

They also give you access to a mortar a couple times throughout the campaign but you can move the aiming reticle by twirling the analog sticks and I felt really freaking weird for me. 

I didn't like that they also use this control scheme on the pack 43 artillery cannon near the end of the game and it really hits home how hard it is to aim with this control scheme throwing the sticks and trying to get the aim just right is terrible. 

In COD 3 PC Setup, we also get access to a Sherman Firefly tank twice throughout the campaign and unfortunately the controls for the tank feel really off. 

I think it has a lot to do with that eight month development time I think Treyarch definitely learned a lot from making this game because when you look at the tank level that Treyarch does in the world at war it's way better now a person might want to know what exactly is the most deadly weapon in all of ecology d3 and in my opinion it's the Jeep why are these speed bumps speaking German.

One negative that I really have to bring up when it comes to college 83 is the lack of compatibility for ammunition that's used on the same type of weapon a good example of this is the m1 garand and the Browning automatic rifle they both use the 30.6 round.

But for some reason let's say you have an m1 grand and you walk over a bar that has full ammo you don't pick up the rounds for the m1 garand the worst case of this though is I had a scoped and filled rifle the scope downfield rifle had no rounds left.

However there was a regular Enfield rifle on the ground in theory I should be able to walk over the gun and pick up the ammo and still use the scoped rifle for some reason. They didn't think of this when they designed the game it's so frustrating.

Call of Duty 3 PC | A Golden Shooting Game | Call of Duty 3 for PC Setup

Let's talk about the enemies of Call of Duty 3 PC Setup, a game about shooting Nazis how fresh and original we go to one level we shoot Nazis we go to the next level shoot some more Nazis go to the third level it's Nazis and tanks it gets really repetitive really quick and it wouldn't be that bad if the AI for the German soldiers was good.

But it's not they're really dumb and really simple to fight they even threw in these weird and melee sequences where they kind of break the continuity at the game where you'll be walking into a room and all sudden this German soldier just jumps on top of you and he tries to beat the heck out of you and you have to do these QuickTime events and I feel really off and really weird I did not like them at all.

I don't know maybe this game would have profited from having a zombie mode soon all right I think that's enough about the terrible enemies.

Let's talk about the plot please be aware there are spoilers ahead Call of Duty 3 PC Setup, features four sub stories what went into an overall narrative featuring the for nationalities participating in the campaign following day the Canadian campaign revolves around a Canadian Highlanders platoon.

Which is involved in a night ambush an attack on a German artillery battery the capture of an industrial facility the destruction of flak 88 cannons in a forest the elimination of a German motor pool and finally moving to Hill 262 to assist the Polish and fending off a major German offensive looking at the Polish campaign. 

It involves an armoured division moving through the French countryside taking on various armoured units and eventually develops into the defense of Hill 262 to capture the German Seventh Army in the Falaise pocket in order to help the Polish with the defense of Hill 262 the Canadians send their radio operator Baron ahead to help the Polish as mentioned earlier the Canadians managed to push through.

And assist the Polish with holding Hill 262 and their campaign comes to an end the British campaign is largely about the SAS and French resistance working together to obstruct German forces behind the front lines with their combined efforts.

They rescue captured forces destroy enemy facilities and generally kill lots of Nazis one thing. 

I really didn't enjoy about the British campaign was there was one scene in particular where there's a melee sequence it takes place on top of a large platform and we're almost thrown off of it. 

However our allies do absolutely nothing to help us what the hell at the end of the British campaign one of the French resistance fighters gives her life to destroy an armored personnel carrier which was supposed to be impactful yet the animation looked kind of off when she dies. 

I must say the British campaign felt really disjointed when you compared it to the American Canadian and Polish campaigns which kind of tied together in a similar plot but the British campaigns kind of off on its own behind enemy lines which I didn't really like and that brings us to the American campaign which in my opinion has the most interesting plot as it follows a squad which goes through easily the most character development.

When looking at the other campaigns the squad features four main characters there's yourself private Nicholls the second private Leroy Huxley the third corporal Mike Dixon and lastly sergeant Frank McCullen. 

As the game opens the first level involves the Battle of saintlo which the game states is the bloodiest battle of the war maybe this is for the Americans but in my opinion Stalingrad was far worse after defeating the Germans at saintlo the Americans moved from location to location really make good progress on their campaign in Call of Duty 3 PC Setup

However as they progressed the sergeant develops PTSD and is killed by an artillery shell which leads to Dixon becoming the new sergeant we then meet guzo a new private joining the squad he challenges Dixon on multiple occasions.

But eventually he's brought in line as time moves on the group develops and I eventually become a cohesive unit after the events of Hill 262 the Germans attempt a breakout maneuver.

However they need to go clean through the American unit to accomplish this this leads to the final level which takes place in Shambu despite their best efforts Dixon is eventually shot and so comes to his wounds with no one to lead the squad guzo steps up and they eventually managed to survive the onslaught of the German forces and the campaign comes to a bloody close as the final cinematic rolls out. 

We see a similar scene to the opening where we see Frank McCullough and replaced by guzo and Dixon replaced by Huxley line for line it's hilarious.

Call of Duty 3 PC Features
  • New physics engine
  • Procedural environment 
  • Detailed ensemble animations
  • Special tactics 
  • Action packed

Call of Duty 3 PC | A Golden Shooting Game | Call of Duty 3 for PC Setup

Call of Duty 3 PC Price

Call of Duty 3 Price is round about $10.

Final Words

I really enjoyed the game's plot and I felt that it was satisfactory and entertaining the characters and environments had a realistic feel to them you know that is for 2006 is standards the variety of firearms is great and I felt it aligned well with the rest of the series and I felt that the difficulty was fair most of the time. Now there are a lot of negatives when we look at Call of Duty 3 PC Setup, specially for PS3. 

I think overall this is probably one of the worst games on PS3 when it comes to call of duty not only is the framerate poorly optimized but there's lots of glitches the design choices with ammo not being shared with guns is also a weird one for me it made no logical sense the enemies you face in the game are also pretty repetitive and they're also pretty one dimensional when you look at their AI they're quite dumb.

So this was all about Call of Duty 3 PC | A Golden Shooting Game | Call of Duty 3 for PC Game Review

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