` Apple iPhone 11 Pro Review with Key Specifications and Price

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Review with Key Specifications and Price

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Review with Key Specifications and Price

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Review 

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Key Specifications

Launch Date
September 10, 2019
IOS 13
Apple A13 (7nm+) Hexa core 2 x 2.65 GHz + 4 x 1.8 GHz
Apple GPU - 4 core
Front Camera
12 MP - f/2.2
Back Camera
12 MP - f/1.8 + 12 MP - f/2.0 (Telephoto) + 12 MP - f/2.4 (Ultrawide)
4 GB
5.8 inches (1125 x 2436 pixels)
Li-ion 3046 mah (18W Fast Charging)

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Apple iPhone 11 Pro Design 
The 1st element of Apple iPhone 11 Pro, that attracts you is the new camera style and the glass on the back panel. The surface of iPhone 11 pro looks great. The glass of the iPhone 11 Pro is not the shine of the recent iPhone and not the aluminum of previous devices, but something among, that is a little easier to hold the device.iPhone 11 Pro is offered in 4 colors: Space gray, Midnight green, silver and gold. 

The old colors appear different from past but I found the hottest color is Midnight Green. The main uniqueness, which are 3 cameras, |placed in a triangular shape. With the horizontal alignment of the screen on the telephoto lens, which is placed in the middle, the finger frequently strikes, and greasy spots can impact the quality of the photos. 

In terms of functional design, almost nothing has changed, this is the exact iPhone XS. It is a weighty and narrower device which sits perfectly in the hand. In iPhone 11 Pro, the buttons are lower, so they are easier to get. The position of the keys remains the same, the power button is placed on the right, and the volume key is located is on the left.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Display

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Review with Key Specifications and Price

In iPhone 11 Pro, 5.8 inches display size remains the same, but the display has become more brighter, and it's observable when using the phone outside in bright sunlight conditions. it has increased to 800 nits.That is come to the next level when viewing HDR videos as Apple claiming the maximum brightness of 1000+ nits. 

Apple iPhone 11 Pro has Super Retina XDR display having support of HDR10 and Dolby Vision. The resolution is same as before which is 1125 x 2436 pixels with the density of 458ppi. So we can say that iPhone 11 Pro has a wonderful display for watching highest quality videos.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Battery 

The iPhone 11 Pro has 3046 mah Li-ion battery, which regularly survived considerably more than a day when we tested. When enabled the iOS 13 low power mode, which extended the battery life to a day and a half with heavy usage.

Apple says that the iPhone 11 Pro can last four hours longer when compared to the iPhone XS. Apple wiped out 3D Touch to fit in a larger battery and new display has much more efficiency, so the consumers which are heavy power users can go for this Apple smartphone.

The 18W charger and USB C cable are included in the iphone 11 Pro box which is a great thing. Phone charges from 0% to over 50% in 30 minutes and this is great.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Performance and Software

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Review with Key Specifications and Price

Apple iPhone 11 Pro has 4GB RAM and a new hexa core A13 (7nm+) processor with a frequency of 2.65 GHz. In the AnTuTu test, phone scored 454843 points. Apple has its own processors, there is no need to increase the RAM, the performance and functionality of iOS is also influenced by the performance, that is not available for other devices. The most effective test is to install a lot of applications, set up the system and test all functions so there is not a single lag.

In iOS 13 the modification is its Dark Mode, that alters user interface colors to the bright white and mild gray in return for black and dark gray. The dark mode also helps for long lasting the battery. Photo editing options are superior|excellent, the QuickPath keyboard enables you to find out words with out lifting your finger. Find My app is a the combo of Find My iPhone and Find My Friends. 

iPhone 11 Pro's camera shoots photos with the ultra wide and main cameras at the same time. If you edit the photo, you can re crop photos by using the wider angle shot.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Camera

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Review with Key Specifications and Price

Apple iPhone 11 Pro have three cameras on the back. Which are 12 MP - f/1.8 (Wide) + 12 MP - f/2.0 (Telephoto) + 12 MP - f/2.4 (Ultrawide). The smartphone's rear camera can record video in 4K at 60 FPS.

Its Ultra wide angle lens comes with small focal length, because of that it keeps additional space in the frame. This lens, not extremely good due to lack of lighting, but still beats many challengers in the picture quality.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Review with Key Specifications and Price

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Review with Key Specifications and Price

Apple remodeled the camera user interface and created shifting between lenses. You just need to control the zoom slider and the camera system on its own finds out which lens to work with. It is very easy and allows you actually use additional lenses.

A new good feature in the camera is with a long press on the frame capture, it automatically shifts to the video recording mode, if you swipe to the right side, you can put out your finger but the shooting will keep going.

In iPhone 11 PRo's camera, another addition is night mode. It turns on automatically if there is a low light. The photos are great. In some cases in the frame the details are worked well which are unseen to the human eye. The night mode is turned on only if smartphone considers that the frame is actually quite dark and it only works on the 12 MP main camera of the phone.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Review with Key Specifications and Price

The image quality of these three cameras is outstanding. The photos taken with iPhone 11 Pro are sharper and more detailed than the iPhone XS Max.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Review with Key Specifications and Price

The front camera having resolution of 12 MP with aperture of f/2.2. It can shoot video in 4K at 60 FPS. Video quality is excellent. Video footage from the main camera is sharp and loaded with details. Video stabilization performs superbly with 4K at 60fps. 

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Audio

In the new smartphone, sound has become better as it s more louder and clearer. When watching a video, it performs a great job.

But one thing that I want to mention here is, its speakers which are more louder, due to which the music or a video from YouTube can be uncomfortably louder sometimes.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Price & release date

Apple iPhone 11 PRO released on September 10 2019. You can find out Its price in different countries below:

Apple iphone 11 Pro Price in USA
Apple iphone 11 Pro Price in Pakistan
RS 229,000
Apple iphone 11 Pro Price in India

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Pros & Cons

  • Outstanding cameras
  • Upgraded battery
  • Great display quality
  • Matte back
  • New A13 CPU chipset

  • Looks very nearly to the old version iPhone XS
  • Expensive
  • Still having the notch

Final words

Apple didn’t reveal supernova chips. The design has been modified and a new camera framework is added. Apple iPhone 11 Pro is the best smartphone with the main and most obvious downside being the price. You can spend half as much on an Android phone that’s much more good with a lot better battery life and more storage. 

This is, with no doubt an remarkable upgrade to replace the iPhone 7, 8 or older models, but shifting} to it from the iPhone X, XS or XR does not make any sense.

But there is a fact that the iPhone 11 Pro is an extremely great device.  Its Cameras shoot impressive video with 4K resolution at 60fps, and its good battery life is a major addition on last year’s iPhones. You can go for iPhone 11 Pro if its camera and upgraded battery are the features that you were looking for and design doesn't matter very much to you. 

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