` Windows 10 Gamer Edition

Windows 10 Gamer Edition

The Windows 10 Gamer Edition is not officially provided by Microsoft and there is no such official version of Windows 10 called Gamer Edition.

Windows 10 Gamer Edition

Windows 10 Updated Release Date

Windows 10 is an operating system for personal computers developed by Microsoft, released on July 29, 2015.

Windows 10 Updated Review

There is a built in sandbox in Windows 10. It's a separated virtual environment developed into|in to the operating system that enables you to safely and securely run software programs without any risking harm to the main operating system. When you close the sandbox, all applications and files in the virtual system are going to be deleted. 

Windows Sandbox system is available in Pro, Enterprise, and Education versions. Windows 10 Home users need to upgrade to the Pro version to use the sandbox system.
The Start menu is now structured in 1 column, which is simpler. You can unpin tile groups and you can remove groups of tiles by right clicking. There is a quick Start modification in Windows. There is an option to easily pick up the edge of the new menu with the cursor to resize it vertically or horizontally. 

Windows 10 also enables you to remove different applications like, My Office, Skype, Groove Music etc. In Windows the search bar included a tight integration with Cortana assistant, but now the search bar functions like a standard search bar, and Cortana has an individual taskbar icon. The new file search action in start menu enables you to discover files using the Windows search index. 

Windows 10 Gamer Edition

Windows console facilitates zooming in and out and have been given some experimental features that can be configured as well. After update there is change in form of appearance of blue screen of death, in several games due to built in anti cheat programs and now this problem has been fixed. If you play a game in which the problem is not resolved, the system crashes with the blue screen of death. Anti cheat applications are most likely to produce huge changes to the Windows kernel which can strengthen the security and stability of Windows.

In Windows 10, old style components can still be found out. Like the classic control panel is still there. You have the option to add to the classic control panel, in fact, all various similar system products and services 

The notifications are displayed in the lower right place of the screen of the computer. These notifications quickly report on some event and when the user click on it, gets straight in to the application or the required folder. 

Windows 10 Gamer Edition

If we talk about the web browser, Windows 10 has The Edge Browser which is far good than internet explorer. It's more useful and receive new features and Microsoft Edge will receive the most essential feature which is browser extensions.

Microsoft Store in Windows 10 is not the old store its improved and better, but the store version is still not the great. The new Store have been given a new style and the new search system.

Windows 10 Updated Features
  • Improved Start Menu 
  • Improved notification system
  • Separated Cortana from Search Bar
  • Improved Edge browser

Windows 10 Updated System Requirements
  • CPU: Dual Core (1 GHz) or faster 
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Graphics: DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver
  • Display: 800 x 600
  • Storage: 16 GB 

Windows 10 Updated Price

Windows 10 Home Edition is available in $139 at Microsoft Store.

Final Words

If we compare the Windows 10's early levels of development with current versions of Windows, we can clearly see that Microsoft has done its best. I have some gaming experience with Windows 10 and it does a great job in gaming department. Just install the required applications that a game require and Windows 10 will do its best to run the game smoothly and perfectly without any problem.

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