.Net Framework 2 Download

.Net Framework 2

.Net Framework 2 Download
.Net Framework and its buddy dialects like C# are special as an engineer stage and a runtime. I cherish the way that .Net has a typical runtime that bolsters a few dialects to be utilized to create over it and the interoperability between those is completely faultless. The is made conceivable by the metadata that is incorporated into the parallels that are arranged, which are called congregations.  One more stunning viewpoint Net Framework has is the staggeringly upgraded junk jockey. This implies engineers don't have to stress over overseeing object memory. 
.Net Framework 2 Download
There are no division deficiencies for endeavoring to get to as of now de-apportioned memory. There are no memory spills (entirely that is - by and by, there still can be memory fumble by making terrible utilization of static factors). With regards to the execution, while perfectionists will remain by their profoundly upgraded C and C++ code, for applications that have a great deal of items being made and arranged, the GC represents a staggeringly *better* execution than C and C++. I've as of now benchmarked this and the distinction can be of something somewhere in the range of 5x and 10x quicker, where .Net emphatically wins. In addition, .Net oversees great the issue of memory discontinuity. 
.Net Framework 2 Download

Features of .Net Framework 2

•  Core
•  SQL
•  ClickOnce
•  Networking
•  WPF
.Net Framework 2 Download
System requirements For .Net Framework 2
OS: Windows XP/7/ 8/10
CPU: 800 MHz Pentium III or faster
RAM: 128 MB 
Storage: 50 MB 

Download .Net Framework 2
Download setup file from the link given below. Just click on the download buttons below, it will redirect you to the next page and there will be another download button, click on that button and your file will start downloading automatically.

Download Link For Setup 64-Bit (x64 Size-45 MB)
.Net Framework 2 Download
Download Link For Setup 32-Bit (x86 Size-25 MB)
.Net Framework 2 Download
All Done.Enjoy 
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