Best 2D Game Engines

Best 2D Game Engines

1. Construct 2

Best 2D Game Engines

Construct 2 is a HTML5 tool that doesn't require  programming knowledge. You simply drag and drop things for making 2D games. It is an intriguing tool and the interface looks like Microsoft items, so it makes it a perfect tool for users, don't have much knowledge about game engines and for those who are already game developers, it can show a couple of ways about making things much simpler. It is good for 2D arcade, puzzle, racing games.

However Due to HTML5, you see that few features that your game may require won't work correctly across all devices, games can be played on Windows, Mac, Linux, but just in internet browsers.  There is a free version with Personal ($119) and Business ($399) licenses. The free license is a great idea to decide if it is right for you. But free license is limited and can't be sufficient for fully featured games.

  Free trial version
  The behavior system is natural and simple to utilize 
•  Quick learning curve 
•  You can make certain kinds of games within minutes 
•  Good support network 

•   HTML5 is restricting in terms of performance and flexibility
•  Lack of features for changing  and positioning components in the screen, for example, quick adjusting 
•  Just works on PCs
•  Not descriptive enough 
•  Exports just as HTML5 

2. Stencyl

Best 2D Game Engines

Stencyl is a desktop, Web, mobile games making tool with drag and drop interface, with no coding required. The manner in which it works is like a riddle, where you need to locate the correct pieces to make actions and reactions in your product. Stencyl is a superb way to make basic games without coding. It is good for 2D RPG, arcade, actions games, platforms.

•   Drag and drop interface, good for simple games
•   Dedicated object behaviors such as run and jump 
•   Exports for multiple platforms
•   Haxe scripting for advanced users
•   No coding required, incredible drag and drop interface 
•   Good performance on each platform

•   Only available via subscription
•   Limited features
•   Not perfect for smartphone games
•   Can be used for basic games only
•   Tile framework is somewhat inflexible

3. Clickteam Fusion 2.5

Best 2D Game Engines

Fusion 2.5 uses simple logic on a matrix base as your programming language. For those new to coding it requires a bit of time to adjust to the logic and make something work precisely how you need. This product has been around since 1994, is still exceptionally strong. Be it Windows EXE, Flash SWF, Android Apk,HTML5, iOS, it can export games fast.

Extensions cover an assortment of game building tasks including parsing of strings utilizing up to two alternating delimiters using the tokenizer object creating random numbers without reusing them from different lists which can be refilled and unmistakably renewed with the random multi pool object among others. If you buy Fusion 2.5 and later you want to upgrade the version, the company offers upgrade discounts. It is a good tool for making 2D arcade, platforms, survival games.

•   Free trial version 
•   Dedicated Bug tracking system 
•   Well optimized
•   Supportive multilingual community
•   Delivers to you the box2D engine
•   Can export to all platforms
•   Drag and drop interface and visual editor
•   Huge amount of extensions
•   Can make windows applications 

•   Position objects manually
•   Only Windows version 
•   Poor native movements
•   Many extensions not available on non Windows platforms
•   No animation hierarchy
•   Cannot script editor
•   Some features are outdated and major updates are few 

4. RPG Maker

Best 2D Game Engines

RPG Maker contains three major parts, a scenario scripting tool, a system editor  and a sprite animation tool called Anime Maker, enables you to make the objects,characters and creatures that will occupy your masterwork. The system enables you to define the spells, items, characters' abilities.It is possible to make a game with no coding skills, beginners can make games. It is good for 2D RPG, arcade games.

•   Useful for specialists 
•   Excellent editor
•   Supportive community
•   Has simplified codes
•   Expansive and dynamic network 
•   Greater Map layers
•   Multi platforms

•   Not all versions can export to all platforms
•   Slightly difficult for totally beginners
•   MV Does not have a "Genuine" Android trade. 
•   MV Does not have a real android export
•   No built in real time battle system
•   Conversion to MV difficult

5. Buildbox

Best 2D Game Engines

With Buildbox you could truly have your game on the App Store and Google Play within a progression of weeks.The UI that is basically all Buildbox is simple to navigate and making it easy for anybody even those with no earlier game development experience to create games. It is good for 2D Casual, Puzzle Games.

But Buildbox is restricted in what you can do by the real program itself. Users who wish to make a game including cutting edge game building mechanics not integrated  not yet incorporated into the Buildbox.

•   Simple interface 
•   Tutorials and friendly community 
•   Drag  and drop 
•   Simple to learn 
•   Built in options for ads

•   Expensive, has a 15 day trial version, after that a $2675 license to utilize it, must be purchased. 
•   Restrictions and limitations
•   Stability problems

6. Game Maker Studio 2 

Best 2D Game Engines

Game Maker Studio 2  is a 2D game engine that supports Mac, Windows, Android, Linux, iOS, HTML5. Programming via drag and drop in Game Maker is a great choice for beginners. This engine supports both 2D and 3D, but more regularly utilized for 2D projects. One major advantage is that it gives you a chance to make all assets for game so you can rapidly see how things look like. The drag and drop interface makes quick prototyping even for advanced game developers. It is good for 2D point click, side sccrollers, arcade games.

•   Trial version 
•   Quick prototyping
•   Well optimized 
•   Drag and drop interface 
•   Great documentation 

•   Not the best scripting language 
•   Unstable
•   HTML5 export is buggy
•   Expensive

7. App Game Kit 

Best 2D Game Engines

One of the best  game engines to make 2D and 3D games for all platforms. App Game Kit is a powerful game engine, compose code and export to various desktop and mobile platforms. You can write code in C++ and call AGK library of commands. AGK supports Windows, iOS, Raspberry Pi, Android, Mac, Linux and HTML5. There are no charges for upgrades, no subscription fees. Programs created with the App Game Kit is written in a language called AGK Script. This language has powerful commands  including directions for 2D physics, graphics. It is good for 2D shooters, 3D Tower defense.

•   Export to all platforms
•   Only need to to pay for the license only, no charge for upgrades 
•   Fast compilation
•   Supports  Android, Linux , iOS, PC, HTML5, Mac
•   Basic programming
•   Uses a powerful scripting language 
•   Can be utilized for advanced games in C++

•   Not perfect for artists. you need to buy the visual editor 
•   Sometimes documentation out of date
•   No builtin game inventory, mechanics
•   Almost only do trivial games
•   Editor code completion is truly bad

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