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December 13, 2018

Samsung Folding Phone | Infinity Flex Display is Coming

Samsung Folding Phone | Infinity Flex Display is Coming in Early 2019

Phone Cum Tablet
Phone Cum Tablet
Samsung finally demonstrated an open model of a fold-able cell phone at the Samsung developer conference in San Francisco. It has the ability to fold or unfold the screen and becomes a normal phone or a  tablet. Samsung is really utilizing two separate presentations to make its fold-able cell phones, one on inside (unfolded display) and other on outside (folded display).
When it's open (unfolded) it's a tablet, offers a big screen and when it's close (folded) it's a normal android phone, so you can call it phone cum tablet. Its unfolded display is 7.3 inches with a screen resolution of  1536 x 2152 with the ratio of (4.2:3). While its folded display is 4.58 inches with a screen resolution of 840 x 1960 with the ratio of (21:9).
Samsung used a polymer for folding and unfolding purpose. Samsung says, for   folding  and unfolding purpose we had to invent a new protective layer, in this phone it is a  polymer  which is flexible  and tough and we had to find a malleable adhesive  that  allows to laminate the display layer together while enabling them to flex, so we are including technologies such as roll able and stretchable displays.
Phone Cum Tablet
phone cum tablet
phone cum tablet
Multi active Windows
It has the feature of multi-active windows, the device can run three mobile apps at once. All three apps will open in separate three windows, so the user can use any app from any opened window at the same time.
Phone Cum Tablet
One UI
The phone has new UI, named by Samsung as one UI, which is more user friendly. If a person opens a certain app using the smaller screen on the front of the smartphone, that same app will appear on the larger screen when the person unfolds the phone.
Google is also working with Samsung to include these fold able features of Cell Phones to android. so that the android will support these phones.

Features and Specifications
•  Multi-active Windows
•  Folding and Unfolding Screen


Tablet Display (Unfolded)
•  Resolution: 1536×2152
•  Screen density: 420dpi
•  Screen size: 7.3''

Normal Display (Folded)
•  Resolution: 840×1960
•  Screen density: 420dpi
•  Screen size: 4.58''

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